Zeb Going Communist

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. The great Scott Keith (a witty wrestling journalist/blogger/aficionado whom I enjoy reading) has speculated about the chance of this happening for the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to know who else thinks it's a decent possibility - Zeb turning on Swagger at Summerslam and going Communist by aligning himself with Rusev and Lana.

    My feelings are that Swagger needs the mouthpiece (even though history has shown that WWE prefers if babyfaces talk on their own instead of needing someone to do it for them, but there's exceptions to everything) and Rusev certainly doesn't need two of them. Plus, Vince is known to be very Patriotic and loves characters that are American heroes, and I doubt he has the confidence yet that Swagger can speak well on his own without Zeb.

    So yeah, I wouldn't bet on this happening at all, but it's something I wanted to throw out there.
  2. Putin isn't a communist, neither is Russia's government. Are they going to move to Cuba?
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  3. I'm just quoting Scott Keith on that one. I don't keep up with boring political matters enough to know or care, really.
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  4. Scott Keith has some weird ideas lol.
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  5. I tend to agree with him more often than not, but ya, he's certainly had his fair share of strange and awful ideas. He actually said a month or so ago that instead of booking Cena to get his win back over The Rock at Wrestlemania 29, he would have had Cena get his redemption by ending the Undertaker's streak instead.
  6. I actually am surprised Cena wasn't the one to take it from him. Never heard of him before though, might look him up.
  7. http://www.rspwfaq.net/

    There's the blog that he runs. He usually answers wrestling (and sometimes non-wrestling related) questions every day. He also lets other people post things on there too, though.
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  8. It'd be pretty cool to see Comrade Zeb, but I don't think they're going with this. Not only has he just turned but Swagger needs a mouthpiece (not that Rusev doesn't but we all know he has Lana who's good enough).
  9. It would be beyond strange if that took place.
  10. It would honestly be a complete train wreck.
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  11. Didn't he almost throw out his back doing that?
  12. I'm not sure

    Zeb humping still sells better than Survivor Series 2013.
  13. lol Kind of an odd post to dislike, Danielson.
  14. Meant to hit like, was on my phone earlier + fat fingers.
  15. Been in your shoes, buddy. Senhor dislikes every post where I take his hero down a notch or otherwise have an opinion that counters his own. It's annoying,
    Disliking a post is rather low brow even if you do disagree. I'll get fire thrown my way just for posting this, 'It's an option man, if I dislike your post, that's what the button is there for'.
    Yup, I'm aware. Be sure to remind me once more when you dislike this one.
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  16. D'Z is the worst when it comes to disliking posts. At least 85-90% of my dislikes are by him. I'm not one to get butt-hurt over something so trivial, but it is rather annoying getting a down-vote for even the smallest differences of opinion.
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  17. Certain people are attached to particular points that they refuse to budge on.
    I tend to be unbiased. I refuse to allow my fondnesses cloud my rational judgement.
    Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler by far, but I know he's a pinheaded a**hole.
    Some people cannot comprehend how my last sentence could be true, but it is.
    Life is elemental; Not everything is interconnected.
    Just because you appreciate. One aspect of a person doesn't mean you fight tooth and nail to defend the entirety of the person.
  18. It was an accident, why is this a thing?
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  19. This isn't about you.
    Lock specifically mentioned another member, as did I. I'm very aware mobile devices can be problematic with the touch screen option.
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