Zeb's deportation list

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Zeb's deportation list and he has my girl Paige on it WTF Zeb shut the fuck up. Paige should slap on the scorpion cross lock move on him and make him tap and quit the WWE
  2. Fuck off.
  3. If you lived here in the States, he'd likely slap you on the list as well.
  4. Zeb is a hyprocrite Cesaro isnt even from the USA yet he managed him for all that time

    And now he targets my girl Paige thats a no no. Paige would dominate that old bastard in the ring
  5. Shut up and fuck off.
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  6. I didn't see Bieber on that list :emoji_slight_frown:
    Faggot Zeb.
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  7. She is annoying, but wow. Are you okay?
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  8. wow yet ok?
  9. We've let this go on for too long now, what's the point in just telling a member to fuck off? I get it people don't like BLFFL but damn that's gotten out of hand. @Real Rock N Rolla this isn't just aimed at you individually rather all the people that flame her, it's just pointless. Keep it banterous then it can work but straight up flaming is ridiculous.
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  10. Angsty 16 year olds..
  11. I never understand why the people who hate her threads don't just IGNORE them, instead they actually bump the threads which usually end up having the most replies. :dawg:
    Backwards as fuck imo.
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  12. Right there with you as long as Emma can join in in beating up his punk ass. :tough:
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  13. Deport those on the list, because they have wronged the great theologies that Zeb could easily use to turn this country back to it's democratic and capitalist ways instead of a socialist totalitarian environment that we live in today.
  14. All the hate for BLFFL yet she creates threads that cause much angst. Chill ppl we may disagreee but fuck me she is spot on atm.
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  15. But seriously, thank you BLFFL. We can always count on you to make this place active and lively again. :bodallas:
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  16. :yes:
  17. Emma is gorgeous in the NXT pool party thread. Even my gf commented on how good looking she is lol. So many fantasies right there haha.
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  18. Thank Satan I'm 17
  19. This place is always active when im around but when im not its dead
  20. That's simply untrue.
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