Zeb's first promo with Antonio

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by DK James, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. This is the start of some great things.
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  2. Caesro has a cool look there.

    It's almost a shame Ambrose got the US Title instead of the IC Title because Caesro still having the United States Championship would really fit into this whole gimmick of representing what a true American with values is, especially being an immigrant himself. It's almost similar to Ludvig Borga (or whatever his name was) from back in the day. He was from another country but I don't recall him hating America, just hating certain aspects of Americans and how they treat their own country.
  3. Racism never looked so sexy.
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  4. Berets > all other head coverings
  5. That was so good, the promo from Zeb was nice but Cesaros smirk throughout really sold it, compare him to Swagger its the little things.
  6. Cesaro's mannerisms helps add to this promos already good quality. These little movements, smirks and such add to the feel and nature of it.

    Really enjoyed it.
  7. I want to fuck it
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  8. Hahahaha this promo is amazing!
  9. Great promo, loved the decision to get Cesaro with Colter.
  10. This is a great promo!
  11. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from the pair of them, hopefully this team with Coulter will give Cesaro a pus as well, as he is a beast in the ring
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