Zema Ion Has Tumor

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Former TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion had been feeling bad lately and he revealed the cause of it and if you are not following him on facebook he posted it on his twitter page
    Get well, Zema!​

  2. :no: That's not fair! Zema is one of my favorite wrestlers on TNA :sad: I hope he gets better.
  3. Hoepfully it isn't cancerous.
  4. Really hope he gest better, but this unfortunately means we won't see him wrestling for the foreseeable future, and it's understandable. Health first.

    WHEN he recovers (not if, stay strong), I'd possibly consider to bring him back as a babyface.
  5. Geez a tumor, Ion proved me wrong that he could be entertaining as a Heel, while holding the X-Division title.Get well brotha!
  6. Hope he gets better he is one of the best talented wrestlers in TNA
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  7. Must have been all the hair spray.

    I know that didn't make sense......
  8. Too bad. That really sucks, get well, Zema!
  9. Wow, very sorry to hear. All things considered hope it goes well and that he does get a good report, with the tumor not being cancerous and being easy to remove.
  10. Hope Zema gets well, the X-Division won't be the same without him :sad:
  11. Such a shame that this happened to him. He's a talented performer and doesn't deserve to be sidelined. Hoping he pulls through.
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  12. I know it sucks to have things wrong with your colon, trust me.

    I hope he gets well soon, that must be rough.

    Thankfully he went though!
  13. Fuck cancer for sure. Definitely rooting for a clean bill of health for the dude sooner rather than later. He entertains the hell out of me honestly.
  14. Surely TNA are gonna cover the costs? I mean, they've got half of Aries's yearly salary to be paying it with.

    Real shame for the guy, hoping for a speedy recovery and that he can work again. He's a talented guy.
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  15. I believe TNA can pay 30k for his bills like it's nothing. I know he wasn't injured while wrestling, but still.... 30k is like less than one Hogan paycheck.
  16. American Healthcare logic:

    Person gets tumour which is potentially life-threatening
    Lets have him spend thousands of dollars for his troubles
  17. True, and millions of people have died in the past 30-40 yrs because of this logic.
  18. How is it with TNA and medicare now? I remember that some former talent weren't happy with the medicare policy. Like R-Truth who was champion for them for a time had to pay back the money they covered his knee surgery with. This was obviously years ago so they are likely to have changed this policy but is there anyone who knows legitimately?
    But yeah, TNA should be able to cover 30k for one of their talents who possibly has cancer.
  19. Imagine the negative PR:
    "TNA won't assist their cancer-stricken worker in his time of need!"
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