Zema Ion Talks X Division

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  1. In an interview with Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio, former X Champion Zema Ion spoke briefly about the X Division:

    On the "X Division" Championship becoming a #1 contender pass at Destination X:
    "(Austin) Aries is blazing the trails for X Division wrestlers such as myself and he's showing we don't have to be confined to our own division. We are talented enough to take on the heavyweight wrestlers and go after the heavyweight titles. What he did at Destination X and the stipulation that every year the X Division Champion can cash in an opportunity for the world title at that pay-per-view, it's a great thing. It gives us a chance to stand on that stage, pay-per-view, main event, World Title."

    On being labeled an "X-Division" guy:
    "It doesn't really bother me. I will say there have been several times that I was thinking it would be great to get in the ring with guys like RVD or AJ Styles and test myself see how I can fair against those type of wrestlers. Its frustrating in some ways because I wanted those type of opportunities too and now it seems like things are changing and I may get those opportunities now."

    Partial credit to Pro Wrestling Dot Net
  2. Really nice read. I like Zima
  3. Opening paragraph is spot on.
  4. Could this second paragraph a possible hint that AJ is going back to the X Division? It sounds like that to me...
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