Zema Ion - The future face of the X-Division?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Hello ladies.

    Ion has been with TNA at least part time since 2011. Mostly showing up during the summer from what I can see. The possible reasoning for this if one is to believe is that he is a Journalism major at West Virginia U so if he is still in college that would explain why he can be around for longer stints during the summer. But once he is done with school, could you see TNA invest in Zema full time in the X-division?

    The X-division is pretty thin on active talent right now. Daniels and Kazarian as well as Aries and seemingly Samoa Joe are locked up in the tag division (unsure on if Joe and Magnus will reunite) and RVD is gone. That leaves York, Ion, King and possibly Sonjay Dutt right now but with the new rules TNA is likely re investing in the division that brought them so much success in the past. This means that new stars will need to be brought in and the current ones need to be cultivated. King is obviously being cultivated as the new champ but what can you see in Zema's future? He's a talented high flyer and wrestler and a talented heel on top of that. When he won the title at Destination X a lot of people were calling him a interim champ but he proved a lot of people wrong by using the win to become a solid as hell heel, getting heat and working some good matches with the available talent at the time. So there's no reason he shouldn't be able to have the same momentum again only in the longer run.

    Could you see Ion as one of the future cornerstones of the X-division?

    Do you see him being used as a face down the line or is it heel for life?

    Can he possibly rise above the X-division in the future?

  2. Could you see Ion as one of the future cornerstones of the X-division? - Yep

    Do you see him being used as a face down the line or is it heel for life? Should be a career heel IMO.

    Can he possibly rise above the X-division in the future? - Uppermidcared would be his limit so I guess so but not by much.
  3. I really hate this guy. There are two reasons for this, first his hair, second the fact that he injured a man who could be a star in the future, Jesse Sorensen. Jesse was great but that guy injured him. This wasn't his only case, he injured Dutt and one more person, I can't remember that. His moves are so stiff that wrestlers can get injured. He caused Jesse to retire in young age, not official but probably he may not wrestle again. I don't like him and I hope that he won't be a big guy in future.
  4. Sure he'll rise above the X-Division division, he's a good wrestlers and one of the best wrestlers in the X-Division in my personal opinion.

    He can be a face sometimes but I prefer him as a heel for life.

    And I can see Ion the X-Division champion, again
  5. Just me who doesn't see the Jesse hype? It was horrible what happened to him but he wasn't he was as charasmatic as my left foot and couldn't cut an enjoyable live promo, good in ring and had a decent look but lacked star potential.
  6. I don't get the love for Sorensen either. Maybe I haven't seen enough of him but from what I saw he wasn't that charismatic or had that IT factor. Perhaps the love for him is born from the fact that he had such a big injury. Kind of like how the entire wrestling community started loving Lawler when he had his heart attack.
  7. Jesse Sorensen is still very young talent with lots of potential, I don't recall anyone calling him great or awesome or whatever. For now, he's just a talented, athletic kid with lots of potential and has that "star-in-the-making" thing on him. And I can see that main event star in him, IMO.
  8. - Yes, defo.

    - I think he's heel 4 life tbh. He's too douchey to be face.

    - Yes, but short-term main event run, in 4-5 yrs, until he's more mature.
  9. - He pretty much is already

    - It's bound to happen sooner or later, I think he could make it work

    - no, I think he's a career X-Div guy
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