Zema Ion way behind on his fundraiser

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Saw this when looking through some other wrestling sites and forums for anything worth discussing. Zema Ion is way behind on his fundraiser for his medical bills. He's amassed a sum of $5.734 out of the total sum of 30.000. Less than 20 % of what is needed to cover his medical bills.

    You can see the fundraiser here.

    Poor Zema.
  2. I'm sorry to be that guy but shouldn't he have medical insurance to cover that?
  3. He doesn't have one. TNA should pay this, I don't know what the hell are they thinking, my God.:facepalm:
  4. Strange I though if was mandatory in the states for some reason, seems odd for him not to have it being in the wrestling industry. Would be good PR for TNA to pay for it too.
  5. I also hate to be that guy, but why would TNA pay for it if the tumor isn't Wrestling related. At least I don't think it is.
  6. Fuck the PR, your contracted wrestler has possibly cancerous tumor, the fuck you're waiting for? Pay his bills, it's less than one Brother Hogan paycheck.
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  7. Companies don't deal in morality sadly unless it can make them look good. Then paying for it shouldn't be an issue as it's mutually positive.
  8. Paying for this would be instant good karma for TNA. Why they or Spike haven't pitched in is mind boggling.
  9. They could have paid at least half of it. This is a former champion of theirs, at least help one of their own out. They obviously don't have to since it's not wrestling related, but it's still taking care of your own.
  10. He did thank the fans and Dixie Carter on twitter, but for what to Carter? Pay at least half of it or die, you selfish turd.
  11. Maybe they could use that half of Aries' salary to cover this :pity1:
  12. You think insurance companies look to bring in pro wrestlers? It's nearly impossible for them to get covered

  13. If you had a tumor in your ass would your place of employment pay to have it removed?

  14. There were reports going round that WWE made it mandatory to have insurance so there will be coverage available source

    Plus there are high risk companies offering insurance, in an industry as dangerous as wrestling would you not have insurance? What happened to Zema sucks and he has my sympathy but the question has to be raised why he had 0 medical insurance, I'm expecting the majority of people will respond about his pay being too low to afford it which whilst the case is impossible to discuss without numbers.

  15. There is no need for speculation you can absolutely safely assume that he can't afford health insurance when A.) Health insurance would be outrageous in his line of work, if he can find a company to insure him at all and B.) Yea, tons and tons of guys have publicly stated that lower card workers in TNA don't make shit.

    Wrestlers not having insurance is the norm according to most wrestling documentaries I've seen.
  16. Hogan has 35k paycheck per episode of IMPACT. Zema's bills cost 30k. Less than one HH paycheck. I can't put it more straight to you than this. Or maybe this way: Carter's are millioners.
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  17. You didn't answer my question or tell me anything I don't know. Rich people could pay for a lot of things in this country but they aren't obligated to. Do I think they are missing out on a nice PR move by helping him? Of course. Do I think they are required to do it? Absolutely not.
  18. My boss wouldn't pay for my bills, no. But my boss isn't a millioner.

    Dixie is, and she already has given out to those in need several times, so why not again, especially when it's a piece of shit price all things considered?
  19. American healthcare system <3
  20. Fuck TNA if they're not paying for this. That's utterly ridiculous, and damn right sickening. Even WWE would do this (they put ex-wrestlers who have fucked their own lives up through rehab ffs).
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