Zermbie Drugs

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  1. There is more naked people doing crazy stuff on youtube. Thanks 'Merican basement made drugs.
  2. Didn't this come from Russia, same as Krokodil?
  3. No thats the flesh eating drug. That literally eats your skin and organs.
  4. Bath salts didn't start in the US lol

    oh and that dude with the fro was in SF... I remember hearing that on the news. Just another day at the BART station
  5. I assumed he was on them drugs... lmao

    And I also assumed that drug started here cause, I mean... People attacking and eating each other... Well, no.. You're right. Sounds like something them Canadians would send here.

    @Senhor Perfect I'm on to your shit! :mad2:
  6. Wiki says they were popularized in the UK around 2010.

    thank UKfags
  7. :mog:

    @Delik WHAT DID YOU DO!?
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  8. Lol no surprise there then, they mix some weird shit here.

    Also, when I said about the Krokodil I didn't mean that was this, I meant didn't this drug start in Russia, as Krokodil did. Turns out it started over here, oh well
  9. It all started watching futeball over a cup of tea. YOU ARE SOME CRAZY ARSE PEOPLE!!! :angry:
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  10. Krocodil is soaking pain killers in gas and then shooting it up right? sounds like a pretty bitchin time tbh
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  11. Something like that yeah... then this happens...
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    had to edit that. the image is gross.
  12. You coulda linked or spoilered it, jesus fucking christ
  13. I did change it derp lmao
  14. This should help

  15. Remind me never to search Krokodil on Google ever again... HOLY SHIT!... fucking mental images are going to haunt me!
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  16. I know you wanna be on my shit :ksi:
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  17. Stick with meth and heroin, folks.
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  18. Heroin does not last 8.5 hours brita.

    Bath salts straight out of the UK, i thought people were over this in 2012? Fuck it, let those assholes use those drugs, but deny medical support. Darwinism by choice.
  19. Was that @Dat Kid in the 2nd video?
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