ZERO heels in the WWE Title MITB match?

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    I mean, wtf?


    Also, seeing the lineup, it is obvious that Bryan is winning. Lesnar will probably cost Punk the match when he has it won. book it
  2. All the participants being baby faces kind of gives it a special feel to me.
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  3. It's strange. Sort of makes me think somebody could be turning heel in the match somehow. Not Orton though
  4. I like the lineup. It's somewhat unpredictable. Even if Daniel Bryan doesn't win, they could still setup a feud with him after MITB. Like a number one's contender Battle Royal or Beat the Clock challenge.

  5. Punk has it won. He is reaching towards--- OH NO. Brock Lesnar that no good dirty son of a bitch! He cost CM Punk the briefcase!

    Daniel Bryan. rung by rung. The crowd is in a frenzy

    :yes: :yes:
  6. Rooting for Christian. All that news that they're planning a storyline for him must be for something.
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    Definitely going to be a draw for the kids. "Hey, I like all these guys except Sheamus, can't wait for the PPV!"
    As if they needed to worry about the buyrate for this. You don't have to worry about the buyrate. Look at the ME, you'll get buys.
    It's unpredictable-ish for the adults, too. Bryan looks to be the favorite, but we all know #wwelogic could take over and we'll get something stupid.
    Or it could set up a turn with the belt, like having Orton turn on Cena and restarting that feud, or Ratings could get the belt and someone can cash in on him, or they can restart Punk/Cena... There's plenty of possibilities. Maybe there's a Lesnar run in. Maybe a Shield run in to attack Christian. Maybe a Sin Cara run in to injure Bob and get him off our TV.

    Personally, I don't want Bryan winning this. That's not a slight, he just doesn't need it. If he main events Summerslam, will you believe it? Hell yeah. What bigger compliment is there?
    Feels really odd thinking of any of these guys except Punk and Bryan holding the belt. They just don't feel good enough to be the focal point of the show... but guess that doesn't matter since Cena will be the focal point regardless.

    Punk has a godly sig.
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  8. Another note is that all the guys in the RAW MITB match are former world or WWE champions. Guess it is incumbent to let the Smackdown case be the one used by younger/more unseasoned talent.
  9. I don't know anything but that match looks like it will be awesome. D-Bryan will win I assume.
  10. I didn't even notice that. Probably because there are a few faces in there who just aren't generic WWE faces. You have Orton who plays the character as a tweener, and the audience know he'll RKO a face out of no where if he has to. Bryan who is currently obsessed with being the weak-link, so it's not a typical babyface. Again, he can attack anyone at the moment. Kane - well, says it all. RVD also who is returning and will get a huge ass pop; kind of dig the special feel this has to be honest.

    I don't even think we'll see a heel turn. I think Bryan / Orton is done now so there needn't be any interaction between them that will continue the feud. I think Kane, Sheamus, Orton, and Christian are just there as filler guys to make the match good. Bryan I think will win, and CM Punk will lose either because of Lesnar or because of Heyman. That match sets up two angles - Bryan finally getting the big push and CM Punk getting screwed to set up his Summerslam match against Lesnar.
  11. I think it might just be for draws.

    CM Punk: Will draw the IWC and straight edge people.

    Daniel Bryan: Will draw the IWC and marks.

    Sheamus: Will just be there.

    Randy Orton: Will draw the female amount of the crowd.

    Kane: Draw in the old school fans.

    RVD: Draw in the old school ECW fans.

    Christian: Will draw in some more old school IWC fans.
  12. It's probably the most star studded MITB match ever. Even though we consider Sheamus filler in this match he is still, in WWE's eyes, one of their biggest stars. Everyone in the match has held a World Championship, most of them within the last 2 years. I hope they don't have a Kane screwing DB angle to end the match allowing someone else to win the case. Also, I'm pretty sure Lesnar will show up to take Punk out of it. So there's a actually a better than good chance RVD might win this thing :eww:
  13. Is anybody else annoyed that RVD is there for no reason except for the possible draw or pop? I'll admit this, he could make the match look slightly more interesting, he is an ECW original and is known to be extreme, but why doesn't he at least do a little build up towards it? At least have him appear when Steph announced his name or something, it just feels like he's there for no reason besides being a former WWE/ECW champion and a ECW original.
  14. Why the hell is Kane even in this match? Nobody's cared about him for about a decade and he's hardly gonna contribute to the highy-flying nature of it.
  15. What else can he do?
  16. Nobody cares about Kane? Kane can still work lol.
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  17. Kane is the perfect big man to put in a match like this. He's big but he can work like hell, even at his age.

    MITB matches tend to have one bigger guy or a guy who doesn't work the typical high flyer style to off set the others. Like Tensai/Big Show last year or Finlay one year at mania.
  18. Tensai bossed it when Ziggs won.
  19. This looks like a pretty awesome line up, Bryan, RVD and Punk will have some big high flying spots which is always great, Might actually buy this PPV.

  20. The guy gets crickets these days, and yeah, he's a solid worker, but why does this match need him? All the other 6 guys in the match are at least as good in the ring as him(IMO) and are more over (possibly excluding Christian on that one).

    As for what he could do, nothing would be fine by me. Fued with Wyatt when he arrives?
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