ZERO vs. Fluttershy Farooq THREAD!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. ZERO vs. Fluttershy Farooq THREAD!
    How about we start this off with a game of chess!?

  2. I dont think so. How about this, you stay away from our business, or I'll send my forces down and teach you a real code.
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    Vader doesn't take shit from anybody son.
  3. LOL! U think that scary I can just use my geass on them! OH WAIT that have mask shit C.C. I need dection eye conted! hahaha no made I send P1 aka the Guren Mk-II knightfame known can be it and Kallen my best chess piece! I can use my to steal some of thereof ship of the one that don't have mask on brain wash to be my salves and take over the other on why foruse then to there mask off! I can C.C. as beas since see fuckin inmmieme and can't die hell she already shot though heart and live though it. hiw ever big probale is vader he wear mask like I do ever with my sider that let me use my geass power without taking my mask off it still resit to vader since he has a lightsabe POWER OF KING!
  5. Kay kool bro, you keep talking, Im just gonna destroy your planet now. Toodles.

    And here's some Dio to listen to while the planet blows up
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  6. HOWEVER HIS BOSS DOES NOT WAY MASK! So if can get to him Chess Made is my!
  7. no b/c ur boss does not have mask on! so I can easily take him over by intery one of ur spaceship!
  8. Palpatine? Holy fuck are you on some sort of new drug? Do you even know the power of not just a sith lord, he is the Emperor of the Sith. I'm out of your league, he is in another solar system. If you think you have the iron balls to fuck with him, then go right ahead.
  9. [​IMG] who can kill over 30 normal knightmare easily could easily kill spaceship and ever more then!
  10. Darth Vader >>> Any shitty anime villian ever made
  11. [​IMG] who can kill over 30 normal knightmare easily could easily kill spaceship and ever more then!
  12. he not really villan lol! he more like anti-hero who lie his whole to live. ZERO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vader!
  13. Kay Kool, good part about being a villain, is that I'll send my ships on suicide missions, destroy your planet, and still not lose any sleep.
  14. and Zero had the power of king! and yes I have watch star war and I like star war and vader! But when it come to lelouch he out think people which u would know if u watch the seris I will show video and prove to u vader has no change again watch it. how ever this is a spoilers!

  15. u don't understand lelouch, I understand what vader can do but u don't know what lelouch which is why u can't win! u don't know what lelouch is he is just smarter then everyone around him!
  16. [​IMG]

    Black Knight attack!
  17. :hmm: I think I hear something, like someone from a dead planet trying to talk to me.
  18. it not dead I have prove to u that I can get to ur sedi lord!

  19. Dead men tell no tales.
  20. u can kill then plantet if ur brain wash to follow order from zero! who has a geass power that is the power of king! no can be the power of the king it a god power from c world. ownly lord jeamaia who get a geass canneler in code geass season 2 but he follow lelouch in season 2.
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