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    Now remember the landscape of wrestling in 1989 was still cartoony and cheesy, so you have to look at it on that scale.

    You take the villain from Hogan's latest movie and bill him as a super badass heel who is here to prove things wouldn't turn out like they did in the movie. Simple enough, right? Introducing Savage to the angle was a brilliant move and created for a highly entertaining feud IMO.

    Deebo wasn't a great wrestler obviously, but he didn't have to be. He just had to look like a beast and no sell people's offense. I thought the tag team cage match they had at Summerslam was pretty damn good.

  2. Savage deserves SO much credit for putting up with that wooden hack. Liston could not execute/sell any move, it was then I started to wonder if wrestling really was fake @ 5 years old. Thanks Tiny! :annoyed:
  3. Fun fact: There was actually talks of putting the title on Zeus for a brief period. No Holds Barred might have been a disappointment (Vince did lose money on it, though it's still better than every movie WWE Films puts out these days, except for The Condemned) but the angle is Zeus was actually quite popular.
  4. Those promos are gold.

  5. Well, fittingly enough, 1989 was also the year when Vince McMahon came out and admitted that it was in fact just a show.
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