Ziggler-- 3rd Wheel of his own WHC Reign

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting. #1 AJ's feud with Kaitlyn has gotten more airtime in the last two weeks than Ziggler. #2 every match he is in revolves around AJ/Big E, they help him win and Big E is the focus of every post-match. Just put the strap on Big E if you love him so fucking much. #3 Give Ziggler some fucking mic time. What, we just HAD to see the Bellas vs Fuck you dactels one more time? Had to squeeze in that Orton promo time after his boring ass match with Rhodes? At least let Ziggler fucking TRY to make his WHC run a success--- instead, no, fuck you Dolph, you can go get cheap wins over Kofi fucking Kingston, because EVERYONE wants to see that. But don't worry, afterward you can become a tool in the divas title feud, because fuck you buddy, that's why.

    So there you have it. Dolph's WHC reign is nothing more than a way to get Big E over and prepared to win the WWE TItle, and of course an excuse to put AJ on my fucking screen. No strong booking for DZ, no mic time, no wins on his own, no glory and fuck, not even regular appearances as the face of Smackdown.

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  2. It's annoying how everything with DZ also includes AJ and Big E. Why can't Ziggler go alone and win clean? He gets a great reaction from the crowd. Also, the way he has just come into the boring ADR/Swagger feud sucks. WWE should split up Team Hell No after their ER defeat then we get a Ziggler/Bryan feud all summer.
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  3. I can understand why they wouldn't want him to go from "jobber to the top stars" to "unbeatable champion" overnight... but still... you can try to progress the guy, can't you? You can try to make him feel important, can't you?

    Stupid soap opera writers. We should be booking Raw, Dolph's.
  4. I'm not even sure if the problem is the soap writers. It is probably Vince with the boner for Big E so he tells the writers to focus on him.
  5. It is sad how they are booking Dolph. I don't see why he couldn't get a win over Kofi clean, he's just the Intercontinental champion, a world champion should be over to go over a midcard champion clean with no help whatsoever. If WWE want to get Big E ready for the big leagues, have him go on his own feud against someone else that's in the WWE title scene, and let Ziggler have a good reign. And I already hate it when they stick AJ with someone, AJ should have left Dolph long ago.
  6. Sadly I expected nothing more so I can't say it's disappointing me.
  7. Nor did I, but I still feel compelled to bitch about it constantly.
  8. lol Like most people didn't call this as soon as his WHC reign began. I said myself how I feared they'd make him into a paper champion, ala Rey Mysterio in 2006, and give him a dismal title reign all the same. Cheap victories on TV, perhaps jobbing here and there in non title matches (he's already jobbed once to Swagger, the dullest guy probably in all of WWE), and then he'll win the title match on PPV which will almost always seem like a fluke.
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  10. That is perfectly looped.
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  11. AJ and Big E just need to fuck off and do their own stuff.
  12. Hopefull that at ER they split up for some reason maybe AJ loses and blames DZ. and Big E gets a US title shot so cant be DZ bouncer no more.
  13. The problem with dolph is that he makes people look so damn good on their matches. So the WWE needs him to make people realise some wrestlers can actually wrestle . He shouldn't sell, then he would be pushed as sheamus for example
  14. From the looks of things this is basically gonna be JBL's reign only without the mic work. Even I'm struggling to care about this reign when he gets absolutely no promo time, only appears in pointless matches and is taking a back seat to Big E and AJ. Even during his matches all that the commentators seem to talk about is how crazy AJ is, and generally sucking off Big E. I'm not really angry, more apathetic, it was obvious his booking was gonna be awful as soon as he lost cleanly to Jack Swagger.
  15. When you lose your first match as champion cleanly, you know you're only going in one direction...

  16. I agree!
  17. Yup, I feel the same way. I was excited when he got the title but reality set in shortly after.
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    Here is how I have the power rankings in this triple threat feud thus far.

    1.) Ricardo
    2.) Zeb
    3.) ADR
    4.) Big E
    5.) AJ
    6.) Swagger
    7.) Ziggler

    WWE knows how to book a champion, eh?

    isn't the point of a heel to be that you want to pay to see him lose? And yet their champion heel not only jobs on television routinely, but does it cleanly and even taps out more than anyone else on the roster.
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  19. Swagger is bottom of the barrel scum, and Ziggler is even below that. Lmfao.
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