Ziggler and AJ talk Mentors backstage, WM 29 and more

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, May 14, 2013.

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  1. What went through your mind when you heard in 2005 that you caddy Kerwin White would be?
    Dolph: Maybe you better ask me what went through my mind when they told me that I would go through life as a male cheerleader , which was in fact quite a disappointment.

    It was indeed very fun to play. Role of the caddy for Kerwin White (Chavo Guerrero) I had been a big fan of Chavo Guerrero and I have learned during this period extremely fond of him. Furthermore, it was natural to use the WWE. Fantastic officially part
    The Spirit Squat is a whole different story, I really did not sit. Vince McMahon told us personally that he had big plans for The Spirit Squat (five male cheerleaders), about that, however, I had my doubts. But I look with a positive feeling back on my time in The Spirit Squat, I have pay-per-view show geheadlined and in the ring stood with legendary WWE performers such as D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H), Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. They were unreal experiences I had not wanted to miss.
    AJ, you grew up in New Jersey, what was it like at WrestleMania 29 into action during the biggest WWE show of the year in East Rutherford, New Jersey?
    AJ: I grew up in Union City, New Jersey, it was so more than a special experience to WrestleMania 29 in my backyard may experience. But Monday Night Raw in the IZOD Center, the day after WrestleMania 29 was quite special because of the fact that Dolph his Money in the Bank contract 'cashed' and Wold Heavyweight Championship won.

    I was indeed very happy that I was not humiliated in New Jersey. It happens regularly that they Superstars and Divas a fool and strange things to do in their hometown (laughing).
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    Dolph, your Twitter name is @ HEELZiggler , based on your nickname behind the scenes. How did you get the nickname Very (insider term for bad guy)?
    Dolph: I always give my opinion and I have a lot of confidence, and I'm not afraid to show it. That was not always well received by my trainers. Therefore I received during my training program in OVW in Louisville, Kentucky nicknamed 'Heel' of Mike Bucci, former WWE Superstar Simon Dean and ECW Wrestler Nova.

    Dolph, why you came in 2011 with brown hair to the ring instead of your famous blonde coupe?
    Dolph: That was a successful experiment huh? (Laughing) That was to make my character more seriously but of course that does not depend on the color of your hair off. I quickly dyed blonde again and look where it got me, I'm the World Heavyweight Champion.

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    AJ, What was it, a fanatic gamer, to play in WWE '13 yourself?
    AJ: That was fantastic. I even bought a new television for.For years I had a very old TV but for WWE '13 I bought a new, big TV. Who would have predicted that I could play in a WWE videogame myself. Dolph always laughing at me the way when I'm talking about video games, he finds it for nerds.

    What is your favorite match of all time?
    Dolph: The first match that I really knew was Mr. touching. Perfect (Curt Hennig) vs.. Bret "Hitman" Hart at SummerSlam 1991. Everything is right in that game, which I think is especially so fantastic that they 'move' perform every exquisite. The most basic armdag or headlock runs perfectly, really a pleasure to watch. In addition, you can feel the emotion and they have the audience in Madison Square Garden, in the palm of their hand.

    AJ: Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guererro, WCW Halloween Havoc 1998. This match is almost impossible to follow the high flying moves according to another in an incredibly fast pace. In addition, Eddie and Rey do things in the ring that I did not even know it was possible.
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    Dolph, WrestleMania 29 is just about over, what are your ambitions for WrestleMania 30?
    Dolph: I've never been in a singles match at WrestleMania, that's my ambition to WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans: a high profile singles match. At WrestleMania 31, I want to be in one of the main event matches and compete for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship.

    Do you also have a mentor behind the scenes?
    Dolph: Arn Anderson is someone I consider a mentor, I get a lot of feedback from him and I ask him regularly for advice. Arn is also one of the most underrated performers in the history of sports entertainment.

    AJ: John Cena has really taken me under his wing. He taught me to include myself to see if the brand AJ and also to present me this way and put in the market. My ambition is to be the female John Cena.
  2. How did you get the nickname Very (insider term for bad guy)?

    what is this, 1991? I don't think heel is an 'insider term' at all.
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  3. Ambition to be a female Cena? Let's begin!
    >Haters? CHECK!
    >In every segment? CHECK!
    >Around world titles? CHECK!
    >Screams a lot? CHECK!
    >More important then the world title? CHECK!
    >Ruin segments? CHECK!
    >Ruin feuds? CHECK!

    Congratulations, AJ I now pronounce you, the female John Cena. Please stand to accept your award.
  4. I had forgotten all about Ziggler's once off as a brown headed goon.


    looks like Evan Bourne on HGH
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