Ziggler and Cesaro

Discussion in 'RAW' started by edge4ever, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. Hey All,

    I have to say, Ziggler and Cesaro stole the show for me on Raw. These guys not only need to battle for the IC title....but it's insane how WWE doesn't better utilize talent like this in the main events....let them step up now and then and give people like Orton, Triple H, Kane, Cena, DB, Reigns, Ambrose, etc. a really hard time.

    I know threads like this have been posted but after watching their match on Raw....I'm thinking to myself, "why the fuck wouldn't they use guys like this to fight Brock or Cena, someone???"

    What are your thoughts? Do you feel that Cesaro and Ziggler should feud? And, they need o be pushed to main event status soon. I understand we need mid carders as well, but sometimes there's certain superstars who obviously have more potential and these guys get cheered constantly, good or bad, and steal the show.
  2. I think the seeds of their upcoming feud had already been planted the moment DZ got that cheap victory on SD over Cesaro, when Cesaro grabbed the ropes, but the ref never saw it. These two have a great chemistry and it's always a treat watching them compete.

    Yeah, these guys should be in the ME scene, indeed. But I don't think DZ can be trusted again, the guy's vagina bleeds every time he achieves something good... Alas, he's injury-prone.

    While on the other hand, I think Cesaro was gonna be pushed into ME if Bryan hadn't got hurt. Damn you, D-Bry. That's why we got the Reigns push, sadly.

    Anyways, I'd love it if Cesaro won the IC title at HIAC. But, they might as well keep it on Ziggler till Bad News Barrett returns and regains it. Fine by me... Or they could go another route, heel Cesaro vs babyface BNB one he's back. We'll see, though.
  3. Yeah, I agree with like everything you stated. I mean bad circumstances can happen at random....and it sees DZ got his dose of it for sure. But that seems to be the case no matter who they push: DB and Reigns being good recent examples. I still think, in other words, that DZ can do well in the main event spot; he just had some bad instances. So can Cesaro.

    Cesaro could still be pushed despite DB being gone...and that's what ticks me off....they could easily create an angle with him and Brock and have a great match. Obviously Cesaro would lose, but it would e a good change of pace and the build to that match would be epic. Heyman segments talking about how Cesaro was a waste of his time. Cesaro doing the giant swing on Heyman...it would be gold.

    I know Cesaro would lose....but it would be a great mini feud that could've put him in the upper level.

    I also feel that the Reigns push thing isn't really that bad. People wanted him to get pushed for a while and when it happened, it seemed like everyone started complaining. Granted, I know Reigns has changed his style a little bit since being pushed--he's more in the "5 moves of doom" stage. But, he's more charismatic than Cena. He's a fresh, younger talent that can improve his mic work. He just feels like a guy you don't want to mess with. I like it so far.
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  4. WWE loves to rinse, wash and repeat with their main event superstars..
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  5. agreed. It's really sad....like punk said, "Vince is a millionaire who should be a billionaire."
  6. RINSE

    WWE's mantra
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  7. Shh, be quiet... You might get suspended for saying something like that, Punk did...
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  8. Well, Ziggler I do think could very well be working as a main eventer at this point. Cesaro never really found himself as a character imo, was doing well with the Real Americans but we all saw how that ended.
    @C.M. Bryan I thought you weren't a Breeze fan? Sorry if I'm confusing you with someone, just curious.
  9. No, you're right... I wasn't much of a Breeze fan, at first. Then, I realized the potential and the talent the kid has, he's grown on me a lot and now he's one of my favorites down at NXT.
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  10. the show isnt the same without punk
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  11. Yeah, but the show must go on.
  12. To me outside of the Luke Harper HIAC return vs Kane's attempted interference, the IC match is going to be dank.
  13. As much as I like Harper, I think Wyatt will be the one showing up... And interfering into Ambrose/Rollins match and costing Ambrose the win. We'll see what happens...

    The IC match is gonna be dank, indeed. Gotta love both Cesaro and Ziggler. They have such a great chemistry.
  14. i kno and with aj lee married to him that would be a great idea to bring him back
  15. He's not coming back any time soon.
  16. i kno thats if he does come back
  17. I really hope this doesn't happen. I want there to be a clean cut winner in this match. We've seen enough interference between these two.
  18. Punk will return. He will miss it enough at some point where he will return part time and fill in some gaps. It's quick cash, too.
  19. And, im beyond glad that the feud I wrote about is going to happen. Ziggler and Cesearo. I will mark so hard. They're stealing the show for sure
  20. Yup. Wrestling is in his blood, I expect him to be back at some point.
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