Ziggler & Big E vs Bryan & Kane?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. How would you feel about this match at Mania for the tag straps? This slow burning break up of Hell No is lasting a lot longer than I anticipated, so I am beginning to think the actual break up will happen at Mania, instead of the match following the break up.

    So that leads to the two of them needing a match. Only a month out from the event, so time is running out to build a feud, and Ziggler was involved with them on both Raw & SD. He goes over DB on Raw because of the shenanigans of Big E and then goes over Kane on SD and a brawl follows involving Big E and Bryan.

    The groundwork is being laid. I think this could do a lot of positive things.

    1.) Great way to open the card. Usually they would open with the WHC match, but having an opener like this prevents them from having to do so. The quality would be great, as we know what DB & Ziggler bring, but Kane and Langston as the powerhouses as well.
    2.) A credible team to drop the titles to following their lengthy reign. Ziggler makes any piece of tin on his shoulder look like a million bucks
    3.) Allow Team Hell No to split, as losing the titles can be the straw to break the camels back.
    4.) Ziggler can be a badass double champ as he cashes in on the winner of the WHC match later in the night

  2. Seems plausible. This is the only way I could see Ziggler having a semi-important role because a match with Jericho isn't happening at this point and there's no other place he can land except for a multi-man tag match that is just thrown together. With the Ziggler/Bryan match from Raw, maybe they can build that into a bigger conflict that creates the tag title match. They've only got three and a half weeks to do it.
  3. I'd really like this, especially if DZ wrestled twice on PPVs. An interesting dynamic could have been a fatal four way for the world Title a few PPVs later, say Bryan and Kane continue their feud to whatever PPV we get post ER Ziggler. Big E coukd br booked similar to Batista in the EC match while he was in evolution.
  4. I'd like to see this. It can also lay some groundwork for a future program between Dolph and Bryan (imagine that will you, Bryan and Dolph in a series of matches) since AJ is also getting involved (if backstagers are to be believed), becoming a sort of bridge between the two. So it could open the possibility for Bryan challenging Dolph for the strap once he is done with Kane.
  5. Great idea, don't know if Vince has the intelligence to think of it though.
  6. I think a proper feud between those two is inevitable. Ziggler could stay busy for a month dealing with Swagger and ADR while Bryan goes over Kane at ER in a big blowoff match. Then let DB & DZ feud for the rest of 2013 for all I care.
  7. That could be a great feud. Bryan is an amazing wrestler and Dolph an amazing athlete (not as technically sound as Bryan but his selling and pure athleticism makes up for it). Both guys are also good on the stick so we know it will be good on all grounds.
  8. Btw, this is actually in "plan" at the moment if Meltzer is correct.
  9. Kane and Zeke should kick rocks and let Bryan and Ziggler fight for the straps. For real though, I would be happy with this tag match at Mania.
  10. Meltzer has done nothing more than I have if I had to guess. He saw the interaction on Raw, read some SD spoilers and formulated a hypothesis of what could happen in the future.
  11. This sounds good, a nice way for them to drop the straps and break up and not much better than I expected for any of those 4 at WM. But before this week I was sure that the Outlaws were going to win the tag titles.
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