Hell in a Cell Ziggler cashing in at Hell In A Cell

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  1. This just dropped into my head..

    Show lost his WHC a while ago when Bryan cashed in succesfully.
    He had a short reign which was about 45 seconds.

    How about having Show winning the title by defeating Sheamus clean, Sheamus Brogue Kicking Show out of frustration after the match, Dolph coming out and pin Show, and win the title?

    The whole story would fit imo.. Bigger part of the fans are done with Sheamus, and why would we need Show as WHC?

    Your thoughts?
  2. I'd mark my tits off!
  3. Seems like a great idea, therefor, don't see it happening :haha:
  4. I'd like for them not to repeat the exact same thing they did from last year. Have Sheamus beat the Big Show somehow, and then maybe Show attacks him after the match (wouldn't be absolutely necessary, of course) and then Ziggler cashes in and pins Sheamus. Sets up a Ziggler-Sheamus feud right away.
  5. The part i never understand is can dolph challenge for either title? I know cena failed at punk so can he also try at punk? If so then next year the creative team should have a night where they both cash in the briefcase on the same night right after eachother.
  6. no, its only for smackdowns title
  7. I think it will be the other way round, Sheamus will win clean. He'll be celebrating, Big Show gets up, Hits him with a WMD. Ziggler cashes in.
  8. yah I think it's the other way around as well. Super Sheamus won't lose clean to anyone for now. If anyone's gonna get mad after the match, it'd be the big angry giant, Big Show. And heel cashing in with heel seems unlikely.
  9. I can agree with you two, indeed. It would fit even better.

    About the heel on heel thing, Hoss.. Wasn't Bryan face when he cashed in on Show who was also a face back then?
  10. D'Z told me this before. Bryan turned heel as soon as he cashed his MITB contract because he said he'd be the first guy to cash in by announcing when and where. But, he didn't and instead cashed in against the face Big Show. So, his character changed and his heel buildup started to happen.
  11. Ah, I see.

    Thanks for clearing it up for me. :obama:
  12. I could see Sheamus winning and Show destroying him afterwards, prompting Ziggler to cash his briefcase in.
  13. I think I see it happening like this, I can see the people in the back not wanting Sheamus to lose the championship to Ziggler at all, so they send in Big Show, he barely beats Sheamus, and then the return of Mark Henry to beat up Big Show. Then Dolph's goes in, cashes it in, and Big Show gets another short World championship reign. Plus, he was involved with the last championship Money in the Bank, WWE really loves reusing guys for Money in the Bank situations. remember how many times they used Edge and John Cena.
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  14. Sick idea, bro. Liked.
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