Ziggler concussed on Superstars

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 7, 2014.

  2. Ryback should be the one to retire.
    I can't take this guy anymore!!!!!! I almost put my computer on mute last night.

    And now this?
  3. Ryback, the Ultimate Warrior of our times.
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  4. Dammit Ryback! :angry:
  5. What a way to start 2014 after most of 2013 sucked for him.
  6. so 2 concussions in a years time, that's bad news for sure.
  7. Yup. Hopefully he hasn't become an easy target for them. That could force him to retire.
  8. i just started looking for it but there have been mention on certain sports that 3 = retirement. Who knows how it will work but i can't honestly say im surprised it was The Big Guy who he was facing. In fact, i saw Ziggler concussed and chuckled assuming i would end up reading Rybacks name. Not too funny now.
  9. One also has to wonder if it was pure Ryback or pure Ziggler. Ziggler does have a very dangerous bumping style. It might be catching up to him if worst is to come.
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  10. probably some of each tbh.
  11. Ziggler bumps like a goddamn maniac all the time. There was once he did some stupid spot to sell for Funkasaurus when he first debuted. Back bump on the stage. I'm sure that shit is painful on it's own, but Ziggler had to put some extra "Fuck my long term career" on that bump. It's entertaining to watch, but I doubt it's doing much for his future endeavors.
  12. This sucks!
  13. I was in a good mood too :sad1:
  14. Ryback needs to be released hes injured way to many wrestlers
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  15. You need to be released!
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  16. Not again. Brock Lesnar would be a perfect opponent for Ryback and things like this show exactly why.
  17. I would pay so much money to see Ryback locked in a cage with Brock in a fight to the death
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  18. Ryback wins!
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  19. That would be the worst booking decision in the history of booking decisions.
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