Ziggler is really cool

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tzesi, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. P.S The video title is misleading, awesome move by Ziggler.

  2. Not overselling, that's good selling in my opinion. He's the best seller in the company.
  3. I thought that i was the only one in the world who thought that this guy oversells moves.

    He takes too much pain IMO.
  4. No way does he oversell man, Flair oversells. Ziggler makes wrestlers look so good.
  5. He oversells sometimes and sometimes he just makes the best selling ever.

    Like the example in Tzesi's post, that was definitely 'overselling'.
  6. Lol I really don't think it was, he made what normally is a crap move look like it legitimately could hurt.
  7. I thought he broke something there, he shouldn't go so far with selling at this rate, i mean that monkey flip almost killed him lmao.
  8. I have the same opinion, THIS GUYS IS AWESOME WHEN IT COMES TO SELLING MOVES @[Crayo]
  9. I agree with this. Ziggler makes things look legitimate. He's great at selling.
  10. I miss Dolph's old theme : (
  11. Every one of Dolph's themes has sucked in my opinion.
  12. Actually i like his current theme it's pretty awesome if you ask me =)
  13. Dolph has got that great cartoon style selling similar to Flair. He's up there with Bourne as the best imo.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2fgKLfqslM >>>>>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z9aS5BylKM

    whether you think they both suck or not
  15. Both scream "IM IN THE MIDCARD.... YEAH" to me.
  16. Meh. Perception is reality. Most mid carders themes will scream mid card while they are, you know, in the mid card.
  17. Disagree. Miz changed massively when he had a decent theme. It really does help people get over too. Alex Riley is below mid-card, but he has a main-event heel theme.
  18. I kind of liked the cage 9 version. It was the same as smoke and mirrors by TV TV for me, just a good gimmick theme.
  19. Two examples. My statement stills stands since I said 'most' and not 'all'

    Riley's theme is fit for a face, not a heel. Heels in the WWE are pussies and chicken shits, they don't want anyone to say anything to their face
  20. Dolph should still be in the midcard no matter what, stop making every new superstar into main eventers..
    People gotta earn their position and like Punk says 'when the older Superstars are gone then you can go for the higher positions'.

    It's not about talent or how many fans he has, he definitely doesn't make the main-event position.
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