Ziggler makes an appearance at a house show

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. At tonight’s WWE Live , following AJ Lee’s loss to WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn, Dolph Zigger came out to console her. Ziggler said that the doctor did not clear him to wrestle, but he was going to watch Big E Langston defeat Alberto Del Rio in a No-DQ match.

    During Langston vs. Del Rio, both Ziggler and AJ were ejected from ringside after interfering. Here is a photo from the event.

  2. I still can't believe WWE just doesn't have him on TV as the WHC. I get that he can't wrestle, but there are plenty of ways to keep him involved. It's fucking pathetic.
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  3. Just me who doesn't care any more? Great talent and always entertaining but they've booked his reign to be such a buzzkill.
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  4. That'd require them to give a fuck about the guy who'll be their workhorse for years to come.
  5. I know, I know. It's too much to ask. Hell at this point I would rather they strip him for not defending the belt for 30 days because that's how terrible this reign has been.

  6. Nope. I'm in the same boat. Don't give a shit about the guy anymore. It's like rooting for a jobber... pointless.
  7. I'd rather have him drop it to someone only to work his ass off trying to get it back in a feud. That would salvage this somewhat.
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  8. I'm not quite to the point of not giving a shit, but it's damn close. The one thing we had as a saving grace was that he was going to pick up bullshit cheap wins at PPV, and now he can't even do that. It's a disaster.

    >Ziggler drops belt to DB in first title defense (preferably on Raw), but make it obvious that he lost because of the concussion
    >Ziggler goes away for another month or so
    >Ziggler returns, calls out DB/uses rematch clause. Loses to Bryan after Big E or AJ fuck him up allowing DB to take advantage
    >3 month feud between Bryan/Ziggler, preferably not revolving around AJ, ending with Ziggler regaining his title with a clean win over DB. The two shake hands with a show of great sportsmanship.

    Ziggler is now a face, and the next night on Raw he cuts a promo saying he is just too damn good for Big E and AJ. This results in Big E beating the shit out of Dolph and eventually jobbing to DZ at a future PPV.

    /Don't we wish
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  9. I wouldn't involve Big E or AJ at all. I'd actually split Big E from the two the way they have been hinting it on TV right now. By not getting along with AJ, having the break up focused on AJ and Big E which allows Dolph to do his thing on his own. Also I'd prefer if Bryan didn't drop to Dolph but that is just me. Dolph's face turn could be booked in another way going from the show of respect with Bryan after being unable to take the belt off the bearded god. But that's just a matter of taste.
  10. I don't care what they do with DZ but it's pathetic to make him appear in house shows and only phone stuff in live shows...
  11. Every title run ends with dropping the belt to someone. Who would you rather Bryan drop the big gold belt to than DZ?
  12. Dean Ambrose.
  13. A heel. If Dolph turns face once he wins the belt it takes the edge off of the rematch.

  14. D'Z = me, the user
    DZ = Dolph Ziggler the wrestler.

    People confuse the two all the time. Does it bug anyone else?
  15. Sorry, I'll edit it now
  16. I'd also vote in taking the title off of Ziggler ASAP just to get him away from this jinxed reign. He had no momentum leading up to the title win, and while him winning it in front of a smark crowd the night after WM was a good start, he then jobbed to Swagger the next week and sustained a concussion from him later as well, killing any possible momentum he could have still picked up as champ. I agree that he would probably do well to just get away from the title completely and then come back with more flare before picking it up again.
  17. It's a shame they've ruined Ziggler in the short term (and possibly long term) I was hyped up watching him (one of the first I saw when returning to watching wrestling). Now I've seen more of Big E and feel like he has the potential for a big push now instead of Ziggler....Shame, really is.
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    Yet he still isnt on RAW!
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