Ziggler & Miz to form a Tag-Team?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Please no.
  2. I can't be the only one excited for this. Oh wait, just like everything else, I probably am. To the Ziggler marks, this gives him plenty of mic time if they follow through with this, and it's more TV time than he's been getting at least. As a Miz and Ziggler fan, I am perfectly okay with all of it.
  3. Poor Ziggy, he's getting into Ryder territory now. :sad1:
  4. I hope this is false. If not, maybe creative should just take Ziggler out back and shoot him. It would be more merciful.
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  5. Dolph and Miz as a team... I can dig it, especially if they win together.
  6. Fuck it, might as well. At least Zig will get more screen time (maybe?), not like they have anything else for him aside from constant jobbing.
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  7. If they become champs, I'm down for it.
  8. Instead of jobbing in solo matches Ziggy can now job to tag-teams!
  9. Eh, it doesn't bother me I guess.
  10. Nope I aint digging this at all. Ziggler is a beast in the ring so maybe he can get the Miz better and then I'd be fine with this.
  11. Not excited about anything involving Miz
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  12. I'm with you on that.
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  13. really???
    I would rather see Sandow and DZ as two disgruntled angry men.. freaking Miz..??
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  14. Christ shovels must be on sale atm.
  15. Here's a wacky idea....let's not do this at all. :emoji_slight_smile: instead, let's put ziggler against DB once DB finally wins the title. Ziggler could be a big time heel and fight DB in a big feud and both superstars would be put over even more in the process. Not to mention these two in the ring at the same time could steal a show anywhere. But wait....It's WWE...that won't happen...

    To respond to the post, Miz and Ziggler would suck as a tag team. Miz sucks.
  16. How dare you support anything with miz.....:finger:
  17. If they're going to stick Ziggler in a tag team, give him a GOOD partner who I give a shit about - Sandow, hell even Zack freakin' Ryder.
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  18. Hell you could even use Evan Bourne over Miz and that would be more interesting.
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