Ziggler on 3 hour RAW and the Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 31, 2013.

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  2. Agree with him on three-hour Raws. If they change the pace/style in which they book the show, three hours can be a blessing. But if they stretch the three-hour format the way they are, it won't work. And on the Rock, yes, he brings more eyes to the product, but not necessarily in the long run. If they only have him work a program with Cena for a while he'll bring viewers in but only in the time span that he's there, they should use him to put someone who needs the rub over.
  3. But people who normally wouldn't be watching will tune in, and they'll get to see guys like Cesaro, Ryback, Sheamus kicking ass and will probably continue watching to see those guys, even after Rock's gone. "Hey this Ryback guy is pretty brutal! Might have to start watching"
  4. Nice point. But that would require WWE to book a decent product outside of what Rock/Brock/etc do, so people won't go "why is this midget dancing with this giant guy? lol just here to see the rock and tune off later"
  5. I think they're doing okay (though they can do better obviously). They have Rock and Brock keeping the casuals interested, but they're also pushing guys like Cesaro, Sheamus, Ziggler, The Shield, Ryback, hell even guys like PTP or 3MB are on TV quite a bit (even if it's just jobbing lol). All "new" guys.
  6. Yeah, it's true. They're pushing some good talent, but it's all a matter of chance. A guy can tune in a good or a bad moment. If you tune in a show for the first time and you have a match such as Punk/Bryan going on, you'll think, man, this thing is good. Doesn't even need to be a match, a good promo, a good gimmick on the screen will hold you. But some moments are just embarrassing. I do agree with you though.
  7. Dolph Ziggler saying it like it is and I agree. I defiantly agree with him on the 3 hours and The Rock as The Rock is a movie star which will cause more viewers to tune in and give them a reason to tune in such as stars like Ryback, The Shield, Sheamus, The Miz, etc. It's a logical way of thinking and Dolph Ziggler hit the nail on the head with that one, good points.
  8. I agree with Ziggler, Rock is back to bring eyes to the WWE. Rock brings back all the old wrestling fans and WWE caters to women and children viewers. Product still sucks though.
  9. Zigg..:yay:
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