Ziggler owns Sheamus on Twitter

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Ziggler: "charisma=yelling ARSE or FELLA & nothing else of substance, good @WWE universe get behind who ur told to #ZigglersBetter"

    Ziggler: "2 party system works right? Dont tell cena & shamus just keep cheering them & complaining @WWE #HellInACell #ZigglersBetter"

    Sheamus: "@HEELZiggler Listen little FELLA when ur ARSE is that close 2 the ground u need ur granny behind u 2 wipe it & carry ur wee blue lunchbox."

    Ziggler: "@wwesheamus im the best damn thing going in sports entertainment but youre right, you ARE taller #ZigglersBetter"

    Sheamus: "@HEELZiggler Hey blondie, @TheRock just called. He wants most of what u just said or will ever say, back. Jog on son."

    Ziggler: "@WWESheamus, @therock wouldnt call you, youre not a movie producer. but u produce a lot of Z's #yawn #ZigglersBetter"

    Sheamus: "@HEELZiggler Ok lad, it's quite obvious ur kid sister hacked in 2 ur account & hijacked this little chat.So let's just leave it in the ring."

  2. Lol can't touch Ziggler.
  3. Is this BLFFL? :ksi:
  4. Where do you see anything about Kelly Kelly on here? :mad:
  5. She's usually the one who reports anything from twitter. :smug1:
  6. That was so petty lol. I'm sure they are still pals
  7. Lol @ Sheamus having like 200,000 less followers than Ziggler despite being booked like superman.
  8. :haha: I hate feuds with both of my fave superstars. :cry:
  9. You like Sheamus....:upset:
  10. I'm the biggest Sheamus mark here. :yes:
  11. Not really hard to own someone like this though:


    No Sheamus, it's tomorrow :pity:.
  12. He yelled that at Smackdown as well. Also figured out that when he does his little punch his chest and scream thing he actually screams fella. Made him look even more silly.
  13. Sheamus has a fantastic profile picture. :yay:
  14. That profile picture is so gay. Trying so hard to be Triple H :pity:
  15. Fuck You Lacky! :aries:
  16. :smug:
  17. Probably why I like it. :smug:
  18. I'm gonna bury you some day for this Sheamus marking.
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  19. I'm unburyable. :smug1:
  20. because your shoved down our throats :bury:
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