Money in the Bank Ziggler performance at MITB

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  1. Damn, decided to check out the two MITB matches and Ziggler didn't disappoint. I never expected him to win the match, but the filler he provided in between Rollins' spot and Ambrose coming back was TOP NOTCH! The crowd was eating it up, and though I never thought he would win he had me on the edge of my seat. The Swagger Ankle Lock spot was really cool IMO.

    Just a small taste of how dank a properly pushed Ziggler could be. Maybe this will show WWE that he deserves better.

    oh and fuck Kane. when will he go the fuck away? Who wanted to see him in the end of that match. nobody.
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  2. You see what Ric Flair apparently said? He asked Vince/Hunter if he can manage Ziggler as part of his push and they said no. lol
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  3. I wouldn't really want that anyhow, but yea, that was a while back.

    I noticed Kofi got a "fake briefcase win" so this probably means nothing as it was just a really shallow match and Ziggler was the closest thing to a believable fake win, so he will still be Dolph Jobbler, but damn, the crowd really wanted him to win. It was a cool 3 minute stretch of Ziggler dominating for once in his career.
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  4. pwmania had it up yesterday.
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  5. really? I remember hearing about it like 6 months ago
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  6. D'Z marking out over a Ziggler performance... what a shock.
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  7. word
  8. He was given just enough time to shine to make it believable that he could pull it off. And he did it well. Probably got it extended a bit along with Kofi since RVD went out with that possible hamstring injury.

    Good supporting storyline in the match.
  9. I don't know about anyone else but when he takes a weapon hit or a kick, I just hope he doesn't since he's "snake-bit"
  10. Look, I'm just waiting for the moment when he finally gets the push he deserves. The moment when he cashed in the MITB at the Izod Center is still burned into my mind, and once he gets that shot, I'll mark even more than I did back then.

    Hey, a guy can dream right?
  11. I remember when Ziggler cashed in the first time. My internet connection failed and it was the sole part of the show I missed. :dawg:
  12. I'll sob for you.
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  13. And then this happened [​IMG]

    Now his career is officially in the shitter again.
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  14. Thanks....thanks for that reminder. :cry:
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. You're joking, right? Cocky, arrogant, womanizer Ziggler is awesome. Look at the success he's had in WWE, with either Vickie or AJ. Summer Rae was wasted on Fandango. He's now far more likely to get a push.
  17. He'll get a push by feuding with Fandango? Okay then lol
  18. Well that's a bit silly. They may possibly have one match in which Ziggler squashes him and then moves onto bigger and better things with Summer Rae. Wouldn't really call that a feud.

    Oh yeah, like having an on-screen partner means you will never get a push:




  19. Okay.. so you show 4 couples.. all 4 couples made up of a man and a woman who are BOTH skilled on the mic and in the ring... all these couples complement each other wonderfully.. and then you have Dolph and Summer Rae... Dolph is skilled for sure on the mic and in the ring.. but Summer Rae is not skilled at all at either thing...

    Sorry, just not very convincing to me. =)
  20. Just be glad he's not with Eva marie.

    Just saying, not an option to vote for Ziggler, what the fudge...
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