Ziggler reacts to brothers release from NXT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, May 18, 2013.

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  2. I didn't see him work much to give much input. Feel bad for the Zigs family though. Woulda' loved having a showoff bloodline. :smug-47:
  3. Dude was hard working but definitely not the most entertaining guy in NXT. No idea about backstage but at least not in the ring or on the stick.
  4. They'll probably use this as an excuse to strip him of the title or some shit.
  5. Like they care enough about DZ to need an excuse to fuck him over. They fuck him over every time he comes through the curtains with their illogical booking.
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  6. Expected the reaction. It would have been awesome to see both of them facing each other.
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  7. Why the fuck did they release him? What about all those guys not even wrestling? This guy has busted him ass and is hilarious, Charismatic and great in ring and gets an interviewer spot and then release?!!?!?!?!?
  8. Honestly i hope he is better for it. He doesnt have to be DZ to show he has good work ethics in his family. It'll take more time now, but i hope to see him somewhere else in the future.
  9. Dude isn't going to be strapped for cash it seems. He's a published author (best seller) before he went to the WWE and hell smart apparently.
  10. I think that's awesome, but i dont care about cash. If he works his ass off (like stated) he deserves some recognition for it, and WWE isn't the place to give a single fuck about you unless you look like a steroid junkie.
  11. Dude honestly wasn't that good in the ring. He's okay but nowhere near his brother in any field that is necessary for the business.
    A run on the independents could do him wonders though since it tends to bring out the best in wrestlers.
  12. exactly. Also, NXT is development, if he was at his best he would already be in WWE.
  13. Yes. And just because he got fired doesn't mean he can't get rehired down the road. Say two years on the independents getting seasoning and finding his niche. Like Damian Sandow, he got fired from the WWE, went out and did his thing and found his thing. got back and is now a real good character.
  14. I 100% agree. He is alright financially, like you said, and whatever makes him the best wrestler possible is best case scenario. Plus we all have members like you, and you2.0 to give us indy material to check out.
  15. I'll quote Terry Funk "Don't get too good at doing jobs, or that's all you'll ever do"
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