Ziggler reveals WWE download ending

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 20, 2013.

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  2. I love this show i watch it every week :sad:
  3. Why are they ending the youtube shows? I think this is the second one in 2 weeks. Ryder's might be because he's getting fired soon, Ziggler's end to his show must mean that he's getting even more of a push. Another Ziggler push would mean a much more busier schedule, so he certainly won't have time to host a youtube show.
  4. My reckoning is that due to the fact he is getting a heel push, he needs to stop this as it's too popular with the fans. He's never gonna get heat when he's being witty as hell on a YT show that loads of people watch.
  5. It's around 20k right? A lot of those will be recurring people watching weekly, so I doubt this show has any influence on stadium-pops at all lol.
  6. Very true, I think the show is still a good concept, they should find someone else to do it. Not sure if anyone else could do it quite as good as Ziggler, but the show should continue.
  7. I had in my head they were nearer 150k so maybe I was wrong :emoji_slight_frown: But it appeared to be gradually getting more popular and it certainly wouldn't help his face pop issues.
  8. I'm thinking that its because he did it for a year. Now they are doing a different show?
  9. Meh, rarely watched it anyway.
  10. They're ending the old ones to start new ones.

    Which is fine by me (though I liked Download a lot), as long as they close down Santino's show as well.

    But please, NO HORNSWOGGLE SHOW!
  11. I could get behind a hornswoggle show....

    Videotaping up divas skirts with hornyswoggle!

    Book it vince
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  12. Sandow should get one if doesn't already.
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