News Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan Returning Tonight On RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 19, 2015.

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  2. They're coming back. Cena is winning them back tonight
  3. Aye, gotta love WWE's unpredictable side.
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  4. Yeah, I just don't see cena losing at all
  5. Again... Gotta love WWE's unpredictable side. :bischoff:
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  6. lol anything can happen in the wwe.... Unless cena is involved
  7. True
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  8. So they didn't show up in person if I'm not mistaken unless I missed something however
    ... (open)
    they did get announced that they were "re-hired" after the match where Cena won.
  9. Well hopefully they keep using these guys like they did before. Except Rowan, hope he actually gets used more positive.
  10. DZ needs to be used properly. I mean, they pushed him like he actually means something by letting him be the sole survivor at SS, and almost single-handedly defeating Team Authority.
    After that, they let him regain the IC title. Cool. What's next? Nothing. They fucked him over.

    I really hope there's a bigger picture behind this whole 'fired' storyline for all three guys.
  11. The thing is, what can you do with him at the moment? Is he going to win the Royal Rumble or will DB win it? If someone else wins the Rumble, they need to keep him at upper midcard again. Putting the IC title on him isn't bad, they just need to keep him looking strong until they decide to bring him up to the main event scene.
  12. There's no doubt in my mind that either Bryan or Reigns are gonna win the Rumble. DZ or Ambrose winning it would be nice and not so predictable, but okay.

    Yeah, keeping him in the IC title feuds and making him look strong might be the best idea right now, before the initial ME push.

    Turning him heel isn't an option, considering how over he is. So, let's throw that out of the window.

    So, a feud with BNB and the IC title reign before he joins the 'Brass Ring Club' might be the best idea right now.
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  13. I would prefer him as a face anyhow. WWE needs some solid faces, and solid heels. A good proper feud could do well for both Barrett and Ziggler if done right.
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  14. Correct.

    BNB having an actual feud with Ziggler, instead of random matches on the show is definitely a better way to go for both guys.
  15. Yep, I'm more worried about Rowan out of them three. He wasn't looking strong before the whole firing segment. I know he isn't exactly main event material, but he can definitely be good for midcard or even a solid tag team at least.
  16. True.

    When they were doing that whole Rowan/Show feud, I was like 'Well, I don't really care about this because of Show, but it's fine with me as long as Rowan goes over.'

    And it didn't happen. The Big Slow won that freakin' stairs match, I was just annoyed by that. Plus, I think they totally forgot to rekindle that feud later on, but instead they just let Rowan compete in some random midcard matches, wrestling Cesaro and Harper on few occasions.

    The Wyatt Family reunion is prolly the best thing that could happen to kinda save both Harper (who I absolutely love) and Rowan.
  17. Agreed, So much can happen with them. but i don't think they are going to capitalize on that.
  18. Aaand yes, you're right, I guess.

    Rowan won't even participate in the Rumble match. lol

    I have no idea what'll truly happen to DZ and Ryback, but it'd better be good.
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