Ziggler & Ryback tag team to be a "permanent" thing

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. According to Lords of Pain it has been discussed to put Ziggler and Ryback together as a "permanent" tag team (read they will team for about 6 months).

    Thoughts on this?
  2. Good!
    I'm definitely cool with Da Big Guy & Da Lil Guy teaming up... Since they seem to have pulled the plug on Ryback/Rusev feud and on DZ joining the 'Brass Ring Club' or swimming in the upper-midcard waters, then this sits well with me.

    It's better than nothing and hopefully good things will come out of this for both guys.
  3. Ziggler looks like a fag in the thumbnail, especially standing up next to a real man like Ryback.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Gotta love Lucha Underground, can't wait for next week's episode!:yay:
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  6. So all this talk about contracts previously - Did DZ resign with WWE? I mean this has to be the kick in the chest we all expected AFTER he was back under their thumb.

    I like Ryback and Ziggler, but WTF? The tag division is about to see the two heel teams (TeamDust and Miz/dow) disappear, so what we have left is.....Face Uso's, Face Bull fuckers, Team Gator, and???? What does this mean for WM? They will be facing...who? From being the REASON team Cena won at SS, to pre-showing WM...what a fall.

    As for Ryback, They done fucked up, he really would have done a lot better beating Rusev at WM.
  7. Well, it looks like he's resigned.

    We'll be left with The Usos, Los Matadores, The New Day, Slater-Gator, Cesaro/Kidd, The Ascension and now DZ & Ryback. I'm also expecting to see The Lucha Dragons in there soon, too.

    The Usos will be dropping the titles to The Ascension at WM, imo. Might be just a regular tag match, or it may end up being a triple-threat or fatal four-way.

    - I can't argue about Ryback defeating Rusev, though. You nailed it. They should've had someone new to conquer the undefeated Russian, but instead we'll have an established megastar doing that stuff.
  8. I wouldn't have a problem with this if they were a REAL tag team. Give them a tag team name, come up with some tandem moves. They could be really fun if they went with it 1,000%. Ryback giving Ziggler the rocket launcher into some heels could be fun. Call it The Fastball Special.
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  9. I'm really into this now the more I think about it. Ziggler = Ricky Morton obviously here.
  10. Ryback is not a tag team wrestler. Goldberg wasn't teaming with X-Pac was he.
  11. Indifferent opinion on this.. I'll just be glad to hopefully see them on a regular basis considering I'm a decent fan of both guys.
  12. Ryback is a tag team wrestler. Rybaxel.

    As long as this tag team isn't called Zigglack.
  13. Team Meep Moop
  14. It didn't seem like they were going that route as far as tonight was concerned, but from the way things are going with both of them I could totally see this thing playing out for maybe 3 months tops, I can't imagine 6 months of it if I'm being honest.
  15. Ryback can honestly cut a nice promo. I loved that line about feeding time lol when Ziggler said he hasn't had carbs since 2004. I like it. Oh, and I'd like to throw my favorite name into the hat, Show Shocked.
  16. Ziggler and Ryback will eventually tell the WWE & the World that they will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and come back later as a new Diva's Tag Team .
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