News Ziggler says WWE needs to change from John Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 18, 2013.

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  2. LOl hello my name is Dolph Riley
  3. Ziggler = man of the people. He should run for WWE President
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  4. Surprised he went all out like this though. It doesn't seem kayfabe, and even if it were it didn't make sense. Maybe it's in different context if you listen to it.
  5. The guy has talked "trash" about Cena before. In the interviews, he always says hes tired of Cena
  6. Non kayfabe is the new kayfabe
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  7. Think it's a 50/50 outburst.

    Like said, he blasts Cena a lot in interviews.
  8. I think Ziggler will eventually be the face of the company. He's not 6'2 but he's got a good look. He's a great mat performer and i'd rate him a notch below DB, but Ziggler is the man of the future. I'm just hoping that DB and Punk get to main event a Mania for the title before the transition takes place.
  9. I think Cena has quite a few years left as face of the company,bored of him or not he's incredibly over with the kids.

    As I fan,I agree.

    But if I was a bussniess/PR person in the WWE,I disagree.
  10. :true: but he doesn't need to be champ. He can do what Orton did for a few years. :please:
  11. He's a very good champ for PR/Bussiness though.

    You gotta take yourself out of the fan mindset sometimes and get in that bussniess mindset,put yourself in Vince's shoes,Cena makes money.

    Cena as champion makes even more money.
  12. I've said it several times on here that Cena is actually quite good for the company. I said that his comments regarding Darren Young were spot on. He doesn't miss a beat and you can tell why he is the face of the company. I think there are stars here now that can hold the title and we've seen it before with Punk holding it for over a year. He doesn't need the title because he will main event Mania regardless. See that's more important than the title itself in this age.
  13. I suppose you're actually right,sorry I was wrong.

    In this day and age the man makes the title I suppose.
  14. Well, he's gonna be the top guy until they find someone for that spot and bump him up to that level. It may take a while.
  15. As Aids would say, Captain Obvious strikes again!
  16. Ziggler is just saying what a lot of us are thinking. Kayfabe or not, a lot of the fans and perhaps some of the guys in the locker room feel the same way and would like to see someone else in the role as the face of the company. I think Ziggler has a chance to be that guy down the line since the fans love him and he has a ton of talent.
  17. Ziggler isn't the man to take Cena's spot. I don't know who is, probably someone who isn't even in the company yet. Regardless, I really wish there would be a change. John Cena has been on top for even longer than Hogan was at this point (only he's been even more exposed, since Hogan wasn't on TV every week or on a PPV every month in his day), and there's no definite sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Cena has already feuded with and defeated just about every major opponent and competitor there is. There's only so much Cena can do at this point that he hasn't already done before.
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  18. If I could frame Lockard or D'Z's points in a mantle I would...

    Ziggs is jelly...but he should he should be

    You people 'think' you know why Ziggs is angry...and it isn't that he doesn't like Cena... he's jelly

    Cena could bring in billions of dollars, but Ziggs would still go Tonya Harding on his Cena's roody poo a**... I feel the same and I'm not Dolph Ziggler or Nick Nemeth for that matter
  19. This is why we all love Dolph Ziggler, it's been time to dim down from Cena for a while now, and Summerslam might be the turning point if Daniel Bryan pulls it off tonight.
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