WrestleMania Ziggler Talks Rock, Hopes Cena & Rock Get Booed

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Dolph Ziggler spoke with Comcast's XFINITY blog and says he hopes the fans at WrestleMania 29 boo both John Cena and The Rock out of the building. He added:

    "I don’t want the cheers and the boos. I hope it’s 90% boos letting them know that this “Once in a Lifetime” match is happening again and that I or someone else should be the main event. But, that’s the great thing about the WWE Universe. They get to voice their opinions, they get to show their signs. And whether they like something or hate it, you’re going to hear about it. I’m excited to hear it."

    Ziggler was asked if he's had any interactions with The Rock since he's been back:

    "We’ve had a couple of quick talks here and there. He’s usually pretty busy just like all of us when he gets here. He’s been pretty cool about everything. And it was pretty neat, he told me he liked my work which is a pretty cool deal because you know he’s watching the shows when he’s traveling. Like I said, having him back, it makes me a little mad. But, I love the business sense of it, having him come back and getting the crowd behind him. When he’s promoting movies, we’re holding down the fort, waiting for him to come back."

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  2. Sounds like a hypocrite, to be honest. He loves the business side of the arrangement and hopes they get booed out the building? Yeah, because booing them out the building would be GREAT for business. People hate Punk for speaking his mind, but at least he has the guts to say what he means the first time. Ziggler has a little more tact, but you can tell he's just as resentful as all the other 'jealous motherfuckers' in the locker room.
  3. Not sure its jealousy as such but more a want for the opportunity Rock was given as WWE aint putting new stars over.
  4. I didn't say Ziggler was jealous, I was just paraphrasing the general attitude of the forum. Anybody in the back who hates the Rock is a talentless, jealous, dumb-ass jabroni.

    But since you mention it, isn't wanting the same opportunity as someone else the definition of jealousy?
  5. Not necessarily. Wouldn't wanting the same opportunity as someone else and wishing that they did not have it be a more correct definition of jealousy. It's perfectly fine to want something that someone else has, but wanting to take it from someone else is jealousy (in my book).
  6. I suppose so but if u see how ppl used to be given a chance and ur a great up and comer but get no opportunity ur gonna feel like ur being scewed over. Everytime ppl return u must die a little inside knowing ur second best again to the old stars of the late 90's early 00's.
  7. Technically, jealousy is any kind of resentment directed at the success or advantages of another. Wishing a rival gets booed out of the arena seems to qualify.

    But there's no need to be pedantic. I agree with Ziggler. He has a right to be jealous. If anyone had the right to main event Wrestlemania this year, it was Ziggler. But due to bad booking and the Rock's unwillingness to put over talent, he's now shoved down the card with no plan for him at all.
  8. Ziggler at least understands the business behind it, but I think he has a right to be resentful. So do others.

    I hope the match gets booed out of the building, too. I like Rock and understand the point of a rematch, but on a personal level, I hate seeing this match again and the fans showing an overwhelming lukewarm reaction to it would be a Wrestlemania moment in itself for me. Would also be the perfect capper for what's sure to be such a predictable Wrestlemania.
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