Ziggler Talks TLC Match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Dolph Ziggler says he is in the best shape of his life and Sunday's Ladder Match against John Cena is the biggest of his career. Ziggler tweeted:

    "best shape of my life & FINALLY allowed to talk! biggest match of my career sunday vs. @JohnCena at TLC #ZigglersBetter"
  2. Ziggler has always been in his best shape. :fap:
  3. Related and Unrelated.
    JohnCenaFan has the best sig ever.

  4. Wrong.

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  5. Best Ziggler sig. :tough:
  6. can't wait for Nex---, err, the shield to run in and stop Cena from grabbing the briefcase. my bad, forgot my spoiler tags
  7. Looking forward to the match, I believe it'll be good. Although I'm also expecting a screwjob finish.
  8. We'll see about the match quality. Cena tends to bring his A game in big match situations, so who knows about this one since it's obviously a throw away PPV... I do know he respects DZ and thinks he will make it big though, so he may go 100% all out to make him look great.

    But yea, knowing a BS ending is coming dampers a match while I'm watching it.
  9. It really sucks that Dolph won't be going over clean :sad1:

    I guess you can't go over Cena clean unless your name is "Rock" :sad: :cry:
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