Ziggler talks to SLAM about his recent highs & lows

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. You can tell the guy truly has a love for the business. He is the human embodiment of the IC title. So much potential but WWE shits on it.
  2. Someday the light will go off for WWE that they need to treat this dude better
  3. My gut 'feeling' says his offense isn't strong enough.... for now, he's making dudes look good and its all the 'E' particularly cares to see.

    I Hate going here but here goes.... it's Christian-like where you know he can deliver, but he makes the other cat look tooo good

    As long as he continues this way, he will be used to elevate talent rather than elevate himself... it sucks to hell but its the chink in his armor I notice the most

    Small?...b**** please, the dude is plenty big...its a contradiction considering guys like Savage and HBK were similar performers but Ziggs is still a notch or so below them in terms of a strong offense... or should I say...more aggressive offensively
  4. Nah i thinking they might be saving his push till after daniel bryan has had held the spot light for a while maybe they will get him to win royal rumble or something like that? that way he could really hold the spot light as it would put him at the main event of wrestlemania.
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