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  2. Hopefully he's back in time for the RR match - he was ace in it last year.
  3. what a shock he is a beast at recovering
  4. This is his 2nd concussion right?
  5. at least
  6. 2nd in 8 months, not sure about how many total.
  7. Ryback is Sheamus' replacement when it comes to injuring people...
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  8. I remember reading not that long ago that his concussion is severe and could force him to retire. And then this?! Ziggler is a fucking machine.
  9. One word, Ryback.
  10. He's had 3 I believe, but regardless, his recovery seems to be going better then expected. Hopefully he gets back in the ring soon.
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  11. The real shitty part is we know his big return will be a job.
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  12. This is horrible Dolph may not be the same again two concussions in less than a year is just fucked up
  13. Have you ever suffered a concussion? Not trying to be a dick, but they usually don't change your personality nor your abilities... Just think he'll be returning soon to a WWE ring and think about who he could feud with when he returns. You could even make a thread explaining your opinion
  14. They certainly can. There have been plenty of athletes. Specifically in football and hockey that have had to retire because of post concussion syndrome. Not to mention it was the reason Bret hart was forced to retire.
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  15. Also one of the guys from Tough Enough had to retie because of one.
  16. His shoe? :jeritroll:
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  17. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Typing too fast
  18. Helps to take one hand off of your wang, trust me.
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  19. Then the withdrawal symptoms kick in though
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