Ziggler vs Bryan Stop Animation Action Figures

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. Really great job on the stop animation, the editing, and the dubbed over commentary.
    WWE actually posted this on their official Youtube and it was made by a fan. Pretty cool.

    I believe the guy is taking match requests.. Who would you like to see face each other?

  2. I hate Lindsey Lohan with a passion now.
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  3. It's changing Monday lol.. once again thank you to @Butters
  4. Wanna see Cesaro vs Lesnar
  5. They do not make action figures of Cesaro on account of the toy administration banning products made out of titanium for children to play with.
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  6. Damn, I actually really enjoyed that.

    People need to start recommending me some Stop Motion Youtube Channels.
  7. Bryan outwrestles ziggler? Legit
  8. You mean DZ selflessly puts over the inferior DB like the gentleman he is?
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  9. Paaaaaleeeeasssse
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