Ziggler vs Orton in Canada, the land where dreams come true.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Aug 10, 2014.

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  1. House show footage of the end of a Ziggler vs Orton main event. Never thought I'd see the day where this could happen.

    Maybe WWE does like making their fans happy, especially @Dolph'sZiggler
  2. I know it's only a house show but Ziggler has had a few televised wins as we'll recently. It's bout time as we'll! Maybe things are looking up!
  3. lol

    let the excitement flow
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  4. That kind of looks like the same finish from that Survivor Series match... I forgot when it was, I wanna say '12.
  5. Ziggler for 2015 WWE CHamp
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  6. Dolph looks like he's gonna win the IC belt by NOC. Hopefully WWE doesn't turn this around when he get's kicked in the face and they blame him.
  7. Orton is beginning to climb down the ladder a bit.
    He'll be turning face within the next six months.
    Hopefully he'll realize his future is no longer in being a heel and become rejuvenated again.

    As for Ziggs I could see him one day grabbing the gold in a 'thanks for all you've done' reign
    I doubt he'd wait that long, its not like he was severely lacking in any one skill set
  8. compsny flushing money down the bog
  9. I don't think this match matters to anyone but DZ fanboys. Good house show win though. It would have been neat to see
  10. Nice to see him get a win under his belt.

    It's just a house show and babyfaces almost always win on them but still He got to main event.
  11. lol A non-televised house show. Now let's see him get a victory like this one on prime time.

    From what I read, Reigns was supposed to defeat Orton in that slot again, but since he was on the Australian tour and presumably so was Cena (assuming Cena isn't taking a break from house shows to film "The Nest"), they went with Ziggler. Ambrose was already booked against Rollins so he was out, and Ziggler is already challenging for the Intercontinental Title, so that made him a viable candidate to go over Orton in this case.
  12. Probably means nothing.
  13. :youdontsay:
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  14. Ziggler was WWE's top babyface there so it was fine for him to be the one to beat Orton. Pretty cool, but I want for it to happen on RAW one day. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Not the house show I went to recently. Almost all heel wins except for the ME which was Cena - go figure
  16. We got all face wins at the Tokyo show IIRC.
  17. Well WTF? Maybe it was because it was the night before a PPV? I dunno
  18. It's probably because they only visit Asia like twice a year, so they don't want to piss the fans off.
  19. Lol, they advertised that show I went to as the first time coming to that town for the past 2 years and then all the bad guys win haha. Of course, the roster was split in two and the other half was in a different town that night. Maybe there were more face wins at that show
  20. I fell asleep 20 seconds in.
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