Ziggler's backstage interview

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. http://www.wwe.com/videos/tom-phill...his-match-wwe-app-exclusive-jan-31-2-26179139

    "Every night, EVERY NIGHT, I deliver. And what do I get for it? Hey, don't be so good. Hey, you're doing this right, you're doing this wrong. You know what? I've seen Monday Night RAW, I've seen Friday Night SmackDown. I know what's right and what's wrong, and if everyone's in my head telling me what's wrong, I KNOW that I am right! Everything I do is to become better, the BEST! EVER!

    "I'm not going to stop until I reach that point, and I don't know if I can continue doing this. I've been told I'm a loser, I've been told I suck. I've been told I'm not tall enough, I've been told I'm too loud, I've been told I run my mouth backstage. You know why I run my mouth? Because if one person - ONE PERSON! - outdoes me in this business in any aspect, in the back, in the ring, in my house, I DON'T CARE! I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE!"
  2. Who is this jobber again? :dawg:
  3. Amazing promo from Dolph!!
  4. Absolutely incredible promo, but it just makes me more sad.

    1) This was on the jobber app.
    2) It's yet more proof that Dolph has a TON of talent outside of ring performance, yet won't be pushed for it.
    3) It's vocal proof that the dude is pissed off and I feel sorry for him. What more can he do to get the push he deserves?

    This just makes me detest WWE officials even more, because this dude needs to be pushed. The guy is a fucking monster.
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  5. Dolph has done a lot of amazing promos on WWE.com, it's just a shame he never gets a chance to shine on TV. Most underused talent of all time - or at least since 2011 when I started watching, lol.
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  6. It's for reasons like this I can see why Punk would walk out, WWE just don't like to please their fans!
  7. smart move to not let him cut promos like this on Raw or anything. He would be wayyyyy too over then
  8. I honestly feel bad for him. He has all this talent and he is being told he is over selling it. How can you over sell natural talent. Makes no sense to me.
  9. Punk was sticking up for guys like him.

    Btw, Barney Stinson and Dolph Ziggler are the same person.
  10. He reminds me of Archer
  11. That`s why I love Dolph
  12. One of the best promos I've heard in what feels like years. I've been saying for a long time (since at least his promo with Mick Foley prior to a Rumble but might've been earlier since I loved his segments on Ryder's show [I like this one better than all of those though]) that Dolph Ziggler is one of the best on the mic in the company (within my personal top five) and that he's been sorely under-utilized in this aspect (among pretty much every other facet that WWE can under-utilize him). This little backstage interview, which I've already seen about three times, only reaffirms that stance for me. Great stuff.
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  13. WWEF is chanting "Ziggler! Ziggler! Ziggler!"

    King signs up and is like "whoa look at all these Sheamus marks!"
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  14. :hmm: I don't see a video when I go to that link now. I see where it should be, but its just s black square. Refreshing didn't do anything. Odd. :idk:

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got no videos, not just that one ha. #/ConspiracyTheory
  15. WWE saw it was being received well so they took it down. "we can't have DZ getting himself over..."
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  16. Thats what I thought at first too haha, but see the edit? Not sure if its my browser or WWE.com, but I got no videos there whatsoever atm. Sorry
  17. Still sticking with WWE somehow trying to holding DZ down being the reason you can't see it.
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  18. It's upsetting that a guy like Ziggler with so much talent and charisma isn't in any title picture or getting the proper push he deserves. The WWE drops the ball with him time and time again and it's very frustrating.
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