Ziggler's Birthday At Live Event

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Hahaha, Someone have any video of this?
  2. Macon? I could have gone to this,fml.:((
  3. Damn man! You missed Del Rio Vs Ziggler live! :aries:
  4. They didn't advertise Ambrose on WWE.com or the radio so I was like f it.
  5. Im sure Ambrose was there, Haha to you then :lol1:
  6. He's 33? The dude looks like he's in his early 20's
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  7. There's a video on YT but just the happy bday stuff. Not AJ w/ the cake
  8. Dolph just owned AJ lol
  9. Kayfabe. Its all about the kayfabe.
  10. This should happen at every Raw. Well, at least the AJ getting shit on part.
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  11. Ambrose toured with the "raw brand" in Australia that night.
  12. Damn, Still would have paid to see Del Rio Vs Ziggler street fight. They should have that match on TV.
  13. From what I saw he interrupted Miz and brawled with him that night,that woulda been cool to see.
  14. They Both broke kayfabe at the end and hugged each other. It was pretty cute haha
  15. You would love to be Ziggler to receive that hug :ksi:

  16. There you go
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  17. she walks like a mentally challenged duck.
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  18. 33? Seriously?
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  19. Damn, he's pretty old.
  20. Ziggler sold the shit out of that cake to the face, why is he not WWE champion :aries:
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