Zigglers good.... But!!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. The one thing he does poorly.... Is spot calling.

    He gets way too close to his opponent and it's very obvious that he is calling the next spot.

    I know..... Sorry all you kids that didn't know....wrestling is scripted...

    Dolph is very...very bad at that and needs to find a better way to not make it as obvious.

    Otherwise.... Dolph is fantastic!
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  2. Well who doesn't rub their head against their opponent at some times? :pity:
  3. His is over the top though....

    Not subtle... It at the point of annoyance now and the Miz should steal it
  4. Everyone sucks at that, it's tough luck. Jericho is the worst.
  5. Getting sick of agreeing and it's only an hour in, but this^
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  6. If my No.1 Wrestler needs to SCREAM out spots to make his wrestling match look good, I will be fine with it....:kelly:
  7. Someone please remove the kellykelly smiley, relevant as it is here.
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  8. We know it's scripted, everyone does. They have to know their spots somehow... don't see a problem
  9. Jericho, Cena and Punk are worse imo its a shame these guys can't hide it a bit better.
  10. Wouldn't say it was that bad, as watched a lot of wrestling with Mrs Cloud recently. Raging from old PPV's to current stuff to get her interested and she as a casual and new fan didn't notice things like that. Whereas I can but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment least those matches aint fully scripted and they get some lee way to do what they want.

    Plus as fanatics we are likely to notice things others don't I mean watch the six man HIAC at Armageddon and you can play spot them pass the blade to each other.
  11. Totally agree, but the worst by far when he rarely does it is Big Show. A couple of weeks ago Raw actually cut the audio for a second because he called such a loud spot. Against Cena IIRC.
  12. I normally don't notice spot calls. I don't think I pay much attention. :haha:
  13. It's mostly the great wrestlers who tend to dominate the calling who are more obvious. Punk has said multiple times he doesn't let the opponent get a word in as he controls it, good wrestlers do that. Jericho does that, it looks like Cena does it too (he's a good wrestler, gtfo hater idiots). Bryan I think -- out of the great wrestlers -- hides it the best. Expect nothing less from him though.
  14. I've noticed his spot calling lately, but he at least makes it seem like he is doing a move when he does it, usually a head lock. He isn't the best at it, but he is a lot better than Punk, who IMO is one of the worst.
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