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  1. Every match he has that i can remember has at one point put Ziggler on the big man (kane this week) trying to put the sleeper hold down, and EVERY time Cole says "his favorite blah blah submission move, which he has used to take down many superstars" and then the move is reversed. Has he EVER put someone to sleep?

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    This isn't going to be a great thread, but every single time i watch WWE i end up asking myself the same question.
  2. I don't think Ziggler has ever beaten someone with it. It's kind of like Flair's figure four. People always hype it up as the match ender but compared to the pure amount of matches Flair has had he finished very few with the figure four. Not a lot of wrestlers do unless they work a submission artist gimmick, guys like Bryan, Punk, Del Rio, Swagger and such you can understand ending matches with submissions. They are built up to be supposed to do it, either by prior experience (Bryan and Del Rio with MMA, Swagger with wrestling and Punk with Jiu Jitsu) and part character (Daniel is said to have a counter for every hold for example). Most wrestlers have a favorite submission that shows up often but still end matches with an impact move (see Jericho, Chris).
  3. HQ bro :jeritroll:

    Seriously though, Cole is a pretty big troll. Just like back in the day with Flair on the top rope, it's a heel move that never really works.
  4. I think he beat Kane with it once upon a time in Smackdown land.
  5. :mad2: You are the fandango of the forum, no one get's your push and it's pretty gay. :obama:

    Honestly i was just wondering wtf, why do i have to hear the bullshit constantly if it never actually worked. WWE i guess.
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    Now give me your money.
  8. Not just wwe. Wrestling in general. It's the commentaries job to enhance every single move done in ring. A submission is more often than not nowhere near as exciting to look at as an impactful move. Thus it needs to be hyped.
  9. understandable, i get the option but why not use it occasionally to keep it worth talking about? Otherwise he might as well just drop it, as it really just looks like a little boy vs a monster, never even taking them down to their knees before being reversed.
  10. In all honesty I think he does it to take a big bump. He looks great when he sells whatever it is his opponent uses to get out of it.
  11. That i totally agree on. DZ = HBK of this era but yeah i just hate any wrestling deal who abuse certain aspects continually. If it hasnt worked in a year, he is good enough to get something new (why he could/should have had flair, i still would have preferred it be ryder, but something new)

    To me if something never works, i guess i expect they dont fuck with that continually, but it's the casual who they market to.
  12. I am sure he beat Kofi with this in one of the 1000 matches they have had.
  13. At least he's not some sort of submission douchebag who spends an entire match working a limb only to lock in a submission on another limb. Case in point Davey Richards. I've seen that guy work the arm for an entire match and then lock in the ankle lock.
  14. :dawg: so true, it's just hard to get past for people who pay attention.

    I always get a huge kick when people talk about submission specalists and then use Cena as the example.
  15. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4Q4FS2JzSvY[/video]
  16. It's the classic bait and switch. Not only did Davey outsmart his opponent into thinking he was going after the arm, he fooled you too. :smug:
  17. Does this look like a tactical mastermind?
  18. [​IMG]

    "Sweep the leg Johnny"
  19. So Davey trained at cobra kai? It all makes sense :silva:
  20. Yes he did, you got the prove up
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