Football Zlatan Ibrahimovic faces long ban for anti-France rant

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 9, 2015.

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  2. lol Zlat you fucking legend

    So what, no freedom of speech in France? I could maybe see a fine, but suspension? That's nonsense.
  3. Based.

    Is he a great American Hero yet?
  4. if Zlatan comes to the MLS I'm moving to whatever city he plays for and buying season tickets.
  5. You heard Zlatan's reaction yet?

    "I would have been happier had they banned me for the rest of the season so I could just go on vacation".
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  6. Is he going to leave PSG then?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go in the next transfer unless he has a mood change. He seems bored/frustrated with the league right now and not being able to get that CL win.

    If he leaves I see four options.

    Option 1: He goes to the BPL to get "playing in the best league in the world" out of the way and facing harder defenses.
    Option 2: He goes to Asia for a big money deal for easy work like a lot of older players.
    Option 3: He goes to the MLS for a big money deal for relatively easier work compared to league 1.
    Option 4: Back to Italy where he is comfortable.
  8. I hope Real sacks Bale and Benzema and brings Zlatan instead.
  9. Can't see him fitting in there tbh. He wasn't the same player he has been when he was at Barca either.

    I see him going back to Italy or the BPL, then he'll come here to Merica
  10. Wasn't a big fan of Zlatan tbh but after reading this I can't help but like him. But he should come to the BPL in the next transfer window.

    *Zlatan Agrees*
  11. Was reading up on the French league cup win online and noticed that Zlatan is his own news category on Sweden's biggest sports news site. He would be.
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