Zombie Survival

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. So there was a Zombie out break and you must survive to live.
    You can only carry so many things at a time.

    Post 2 items, the person below you will choose one item, then repost the other with a new item of their choice. It can be anything but think survival and zombie out break.


    User 1 : Rope or Bullets
    User 2 : Bullets. Rope or Lighter Fluid
    User 3 : Rope. Lighter Fluid or Gas Mask

    Get the idea?

    I'll start!

    Blankets or Vegetable Seeds
  2. Blankets.

    Brain or towel?
  3. Towel.

    Sword or Axe?
  4. Sword

    A cannon or a machine gun.
  5. Machine Gun

    A Rock or Wooden Board.
  6. Wooden board

    A Michael cole action figure or a 6 foot sex toy
  7. 6ft sex toy (can come in handy to distract the zombies :true:)

    A Michael cole action figure or a bottle of shampoo
  8. Cole action figure.

    Shampoo or a chainsaw?
  9. Shampoo (may make them a little less dirty, they're dead so why trying to kill them?)

    A milk brick or a female zombie?
  10. milk brick. Im not sure what that is but it sounds like it could fuck someone up.

    Sandbag or a flask half filled with whiskey
  11. Flask with Whiskey, could be used to barter with.

    Now for once I'd find hard to choose from......

    A Brick or a 2x4.
  12. 2 x 4

    Brick or screwdriver?
  13. Screwdriver.

    Brick or an electric Toothbrush?
  14. :haha: Fine, I'll take the damn brick.

    Electric toothbrush or bottle of water?
  15. You took my brick ;_; </3

    Bottle of Water.

    Electric Toothbrush or Regular Toothbrush?
  16. Electric toothbrush, has more things to throw them.

    Toothbrush or a French dictionary?
  17. Tooth Brush, I'm not learning french xD.

    Italian Dictionary or French Dictionary?
  18. French dictionary, think French sucks so has to go with the shit.

    A Matt Groening picture or a Blue Ray CD?
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