Storyline Three Fools

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    Fade in from black. Nakayama stands, back facing us, in the now familiar set where he prefers to make his speeches wearing his standard fine black suit. The decor is the usual array of masks and the Bullad Club logo centerpiece except for one minor difference. Once where a mask was there is now a framed picture of Nakayama standing over Adam at IWT Summerslam, Nakayama watches it intently for a few seconds before turning to face the camera, smile plastered across his face.

    "A few nights ago I achieved minor redemption for my failure against Nick by absolutely dismantling Adam. I did not underestimate him and I did overestimate myself like I did with Nick and it led to a very easy victory for myself and the Bullad Club, the first of many for us during that night."

    There is an awkward pause and the smile slowly retreats into being a grimmace as Rio Nakayama audibly clenches his teeth together out of anger, his eyes that were prevously wide with a sort of buzz of excitement now narrow to a scowl. He clearly has some frustrations to vent.

    "When the night was done, we celebrated and rightfully so! James, Danny and Scott all deserved to celebrate, they had achieved great things and beaten some of this company's supposed best but in their victories I find no glory, like I said they defeated some of this company's best whilst I only defeated a man labelled as a joke. My friends assured me that my previous slip-up had been forgotten and reminded me that James had in fact beaten Nick where I hadn't so there was no need to worry."

    Nakayama's expression changes once more now from anger to...sadness, he is clearly distraught about this.

    "That's an even bigger problem, James had succeeded where I had failed, he defeated Nick, I hadn't. Don't mistake me, I am glad for my friend and his victory but if I had beaten Nick then would my match at Summerslam been for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship? and by theory, against my fellow Bullad Club member? Maybe when I initially came here I would said the result of that match could go either way but after my loss and his win? I wasn't so sure in my abilities."

    Rio has almost slumpt over and is not even looking at the camera anymore, seemingly lost in his own thoughts he is staring intently at the ground as if to search it for answers. After a few more seconds he finds one and straightens himsef to look at the camera once more.

    "But the more I think about that, the more I realize how wrong it is. You see there is one significant thing that makes the Bullad Club special! That makes it the greatest wrestling stable in the world and it is the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a stable. It's our individuality rather than our similarities that make us strong. Each one of us have our weaknesses, our strengths, our failures and our victories, especially our failures. You never learn from victory but defeat can be the greatest teacher. I have learned that being myself will lead the Bullad Club to greatness just as Danny, James and Scott will each be themselves as well, together we form the final pieces of the puzzle needed to make IWT the greatest wrestling promotion on the earth."

    The smile is once more plastered across Nakayama's face.

    "And that is what makes the IW3 weak, they're not recognizing their differences, instead they each try to plaster themselves as the greatest wrestler in the company nor do they recognize the reason why they have come together, acting as if their losses are non-existent, treating them as victories, refusing to change or learn from them, they instead try to find value to their decaying careers by parading around whilst claiming to be the most important stable and members of this company yet everyone knows that the most important members of the roster and the true people who run this place are the champions. That's why soon enough, the Bullad Club are going to be holding every belt in the hopes that in control, we can drive IWT into the future rather than keep it in the past as the IW3 want to."

    Nakayama shakes his head.

    "It seems I have three more deluded fools to deal with."
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