Tile Tequilla Sucks

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  1. Dislike every Tila Tequilla video you come accross on youtube at her youtube page. Shes worse than justin bieber and rebecca black combined. Blabbering about illuminati and mind control to seek attention just because her music career was a pathetic failure. How pathetic can someone get? Whats more pathetic is that she actually believes shes some sort of super star. :upset:
  2. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
  4. Yes, Tila Tequila does indeed suck....:otunga:
  5. I thought you died JeebaK.
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  6. Sent this message from the other side, apparently the afterlife has WWEForums.
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    What is Jeebak? A bot?:dawg:
  8. I haven't seen the video on YouTube in my life of her.
    What are you searching?
  9. Legends never die,
    they just go offline


    They were on the front fucking page, shes spamming her channel about illuminati and the bilderberg group and etc etc. I commented calling her a **** and some nigga got pissed and is trying to abuse me with caplocks on and "homie" langague by comparing youtube subsribers and likes.
  10. She's still around!? She's just a drunken bi-sexual wombat with fake boobs. Pay her no mind.
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