Tim Hardaway Jr.

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  1. This guy. IMO he's the best shooter on the Knicks. If you watched the Cleveland game, him and Felton were on the same page throughout. Guy's shot is smooth as a baby's bottom. His father has blessed him with his shooting prowess.

    @Danielson and everyone else, what do you think of this guy?
  2. Yo Timmy has been fluid lately. He's dropping treys like it's his job. Well it is his job, but he is doing it better than anyone on the knicks. He is clutch, always banging 3's when everyone else is shooting poorly and we need a big bucket. By far the biggest steal in the first round.
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  3. OH! AND! He's starting to drive a ton, which is showing signs of progress in his game. When his body gets more developed he will be a legit starter imo. I am higher on him than I was shumpert. The big difference in the two is Shump is way way way better defensively. Timmy gets lost sometimes :-(
  4. Yeah he's really not a defensive power imo. Leave him at the 3 pt line and he'll be golden. Hope he gets to the basket more often. I still don't see why people are hating on Felton lately. Dude's an assist hound.
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  5. Felton had those hammy issues, and quite frankly was fat as fuck. Like, fatter than usual lol. He was out of shape for sometime, but now he's put about two good weeks of basketball in there. He is a big reason Chandler has been getting looks. I also love the smaller line-up with Felton, Pablo, Shump, Melo, and Chandler. The ball moves so well with two PG's on the floor at the same time.
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  6. Knock down. Him and Shump are perfect compliments for each other
  7. Looked so good tonight lol.
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  8. His Daddy was better doe :boss:
  9. For now.
  10. He should start for us, fuck Shump and JR atm(until they do something to impress me in a week)
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