Storyline Time and Vision leads to Championships (TV Championship Build up)

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    The first half of this promo is styled like a low budget short film and is played before the 2nd half of the post.

    *the video starts under a rain covered night sky in an unnamed city, The camera pans and fades to the inside of an underground metro covered in trash and dust and some dried bloodstains and low sound of footsteps get louder and louder, The camera focuses on a gunmetal briefcase and rises to show a pale-skinned man in a black and red suit with short blonde and has a scar over his left eye.
    A Flash happens on screen with the subtitle “David(Дэвид) “Booker” Kirillov (Кириллов)”.
    The man now known as Kirillov sets the case at his feet and lights a cigarette the smoke fills the air around almost giving a fog to the metro.
    The sound of footsteps fill the empty metro again and the camera focuses on a pair of hi-top red canvas shoes and as the camera rises up to show Chris Young wearing black jeans and a black shirt with a black jacket akin to the style of the protagonist from Assassin's Creed III and sporting bloodshot eyes.
    Chris, Walks slowly looking around making sure it’s only them and carrying a black and red duffle bag, The two stare down each other and Kirillov starts to speak in Russian.*

    Kirillov (English Subtitles) : Well bout damn time you showed up “Mr.IWT”.
    Chris Young (English Subtitles Speaking Russian) : Enough of the talking why are we here, What do you want? And speak Engrish you twat.
    Kirillov: Fine, Fine Christian Young. We’re here to hand off “it”.
    Chris Young: Well, Fine give me the belt Before I come take it.
    Kirillov: No you hand over the cash first.

    *Chris Puts down the duffle bag and kicks it over and Kirillov opens it and looks inside and the camera moves onto Chris’ face as he smiles and the sound of two pipes hitting something, As the camera pans it shows two women dressed in a similar style to Chris and the subtitles read “Lilith Young(Wife of Chris) and Ashley ”Ash” Young(Sister of Chris)”.
    They step over the knocked out Kirillov and Chris picks up the duffle bag as Lilith picks up the gunmetal case and the three speak as they exit the metro*

    Ashley Young: Why did Michael want this case?
    Lilith: It holds the new championship belt that Chris is given,
    Chris: And now that I will be the best champion and you two will be the best tag team there as I take over the singles division as the best wrestler around.
    Lilith: More like the most amazing wrestler around.
    Ashley Young: You two make me sick sometimes gah.\, I think signing on with you guys was a bad idea.
    Chris: Well We have to get to the arena, And don’t worry we are going to rule this place.

    *The camera stays behind the trio and the video ends and it cuts to a live feed of the arena and Chris’s Music hits.*

    *The Trio walk out with Chris with the case handcuffed to his left hand, The Camera zooms in on the case and I has IWT branding on it and Chris mouths to the camera “This is what we fight for.” , as The trio enters the ring that has been set up with a` table and 3 chairs and microphones.The trio sits on the side with three chairs and all three sit in a cocky style and Chris picks up on of the microphone and he unlocks the handcuffs and sets the case in front of him and in the center of the camera and unlocks the case, but does not open it, But he starts to speak.*

    Chris: Enjoy the film?, Of course, you did now why did we do it this way? Because I love movies and inside this case is the new IWT TV Championship belt and at the next event I will be given the belt officially and become the “First” Champion,
    Now, My great wife and awesome sister are here also as they are coming to tag division and will take over like I will!
    Now I must thank the boss for this chance and I must say no matter what this proves why I’m Amazing.

    We all know why you gave me the belt, I’m the best and the must-see guy here and I swear to god that we will beat the respect of the Neo-Japan dojo and the honor of Elite Wrestling into everyone who stands in our way, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you have done, It will never hold up to us, No matter how talented you are, there is almost always somebody who can do something better than you, But I don’t try to be “Good” or “Better” I’m just amazing and it’s stunning that we are still looking for gold and once I put my soul and my life on the line as Wrestling is our life and no one will take that from us, NO ONE!

    I want everyone to remember our names as some the greatest wrestlers alive.
    As for my wife and sis, they will be the best tag team in this fed and no one can, no one will take us down.
    We will fight till our final breath Till our legs are gone and souls empty and you will not forget us,
    We are that damn amazing and that’s not just the truth, It’s a Fact!

    *Lilith and Ashley Picks up Their mic and starts to speak.*

    Lilith: Chris Come on you know no one will answer the call.
    Ashley: Yea Bro, After the last match who would face you.
    Chris: Exactly,I’m the greatest and unlike those morons who voted to leave the EU, I use my brain and that’s why been given this belt.
    Not someone like Ricky Daniels,Reagan Cole and I don't know maybe Schizo, No one can hold a flame to me or you two will see you all at the event.

    *Chris Stands up and takes the contract as the trio leaves.*
  2. hold up, so you're just getting given a belt?
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    According to @Roadster I'm in a match for it and me and the other guy are just going along.
    I just wrote what I was told and fit the part.
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  4. It's interesting, though I don't think IWT has much of a tag division at present so I wouldn't expect to see Ash or Lillith much. Unless Tsar is planning on trying again with it idk.
  5. Kayfabe is dead :downer:
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  6. Interested in seeing what comes of this