Time for a true champ

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  1. I'm here simply to say what should happen. A title match against Jwab next ppv. GM make it happen

  2. *Jwab walks out with Billy Ray Cyrus by his side. He is wearing the American Flag like a cape with a chain that goes around his neck with an American Eagle as the centerpiece. He smiles and starts spinning and the flag looks beautiful while he does this by the way. The crowd loves him. They are cheering "TRUE AMERICAN". Jwab slowly walks down to the ring and gets on the apron. He has a huge smile on his face and the crowd is just eating him up. He gets in the ring and gives Arab a look of... nothing. He seems to just continue to have on his huge smile*

    Arab? Brosama? Marcus? Whatever you may call yourself.... I just wanna give you a little update... I'm an All-American American American. I'm also your current AMW World Heavyweight Champion but it seems that you already know that. Actually, everyone knows that. But, I didn't come out here to boast. I came out here to ask you.... What makes you think you earned it? *points at Marcus* I've already beaten your butt buddy. What makes you think you are any better than him? Eh? Plus... are you even American enough to face me? *smiles at the crowd* I think whoever faces me next... has to EARN it. And quite frankly, I don't think you have earned it. Well, enough of this. I have a party to get to...

    *Jwab slowly gets out of the ring and onto the apron*

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  3. *Marcus Anthony laughs*

    It took flat out robbery to take the US title from me and horrible officiating. Anyone who saw those matches knows damn well I won. I guess things needed to be fair by letting someone else be the inaugural champ. Marcus Anthony doesn't let failure get him down. It gets him angry. When I get angry I get motivated. Motivated to put someone's lights out. I applaud you for beating my partner Trip in another match that clearly should've ended with him getting his hand raised. That's the thing about us, brothers in arms at all times. We know what it takes to go into battle. We know what sacrifices need to be made to proclaim victory over our enemy. WE WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO TAKE YOU DOWN AND BURY YOU SO FAR YOU'RE GONNA MISTAKE THE GROUND AS THE SKY. I love that you being the all American American American has to try and demean me by forgetting my name. I could try a cheap joke about your mom not forgetting my name but I'm above that. I don't resort to relations with beached whales. Anyways Jwab accept my challenge so this way you'll have no choice but to give in to The Order
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