Storyline Time has come and gone.

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    In the middle of OSU a familiar theme hits and The Artist makes his way out of the curtain to make his return after over a month of not being seen.

    Artist walks out to a mild pop

    Artist: IWT...I've been home for over a month just waiting for my return. For my return i scouted as my IWT World Heavyweight title opportunity...but some genius thought it would be a good idea to make title matches limited here. So i ask...What am i doing here? I'm not booked and i haven't for nearly 2 months. I'm here because i want this to be clear to everyone...I want my WHC title match in the future not tonight, not next month and probably not even at Money in the Bank but i want my match.

    Artist bends over the top rope leading to the ramp

    Artist: I was on a hot role when i was given the opportunity to battle for the the World Heavyweight strap. Now, i reserved all my training and strength by some of the best in the world for this night where i thought i was getting my opportunity to prove myself and end the legacy of Dat Kid, the god of cowardice but when he lost the strap to Alias i was in for another battle...I mean he's 1-0 against me and he's probably 1-0 against everyone here. So i revamped my training and what do i learn? I'm not booked?

    Artist starts pacing around the ring

    Artist: Everyday that eats me up that MY opportunity was ripped away by the powers that be. But, that's not what holds me back because nothing holds me back. This is the ART of wrestling, the ART of glory and I AM THE ARTist! The crowd has a big pop for the final line
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