Time to move on.

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  1. -Roray James smirks as he makes his way to the ring, wearing his formal dressing attire, a black suit, glasses and a fancy watch, his shoes are extra shined as he slowly paces his way to the ring. Kids in the crowd extend their hands for high fives, he walks by them each slowly and shakes their hand properly and as he makes his way up to the steps of the ring, he pulls out hand sanitizer and looks at his hands in disgust and squeezes it out onto his palms and rubs his hands together and shews his hands towards the crowd in a "go on" sorta way. He picks up the microphone from the announcer and places his opposite arm behind his back as his music cuts and he begins to speak.-

    Roray: Good afternoon.

    -The crowd boos.-

    Roray: How dare you ignoramus' boo me? I am the savior of IWT, I am the messiah of professional wrestling, the bread and butter of life. I am.. Roray James. I demand that you all show me some respect and you all straighten up this instant before I ask the security faculty escort you filth of fans out of the arena. I am here to speak on what a MARVELOUS performance the idio-- I mean, other wrestlers put on in the recent show. I believe it was, "Rules of Extreme." Or something of that matter?

    -The crowd boos louder as Roray just ignores it and continues on.-

    Roray: As grand of a pay-per-view as that was, I believe we can do just a TAD better at the next Pay-Per-View. With me now being an official, contracted and LICENSED performer of this company. . I say a title match is soon in my grasps. But of course, I must first climb my way of the ladder of the ignorant trash that call themselves professional wrestlers here in IWT. I myself am a graduate of Hartford class of psychology, a former therapist, and Current Mat technician. I am RORAY JAMES!!

    -the crowd boos and Roray just puts on a smile.-

    Roray: I would like someone to come out here and try to prove me wrong?