Storyline Time to show you who we are.

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  1. *Out comes a bruised and beaten Chris Young wearing jeans boots a halestorm shirt and he has a microphone in his hands, But before he speaks...

    He is joined by Lilith Young, The two are standing in the ring and an edited out chant is going strong as Chris starts to speak.*

    Chris: Ok So you all saw I lost, But it's because it was to prevent injury I been working the past 3 months with a sprained ankle, But like the great man I am I went on to fight like a god, A GOD OF GODS!
    And no one can take that from...US!
    I Wrestled in glass table matches, flaming cage matches and devils knows what else.
    We earned respect unlike many in the back, We worked for a boss who limited us and I had to sit back and watch the disrespect in the locker room, Now I have to deal with you 馬鹿!
    And so we are...Wiat honey I just you tell these fools.

    *Chris Steps back into the corner and Lilith starst to speak*

    Lilith: All of you shut the hell up, I'm speaking.
    Oh I hear you all calling me a bitch like it's a bad thing.
    So Let me tell you losers in your monter's basement, You never have a women like me, But back on point.
    We are call out any two "Wrestlers" to Face Le Dieu et la Déesse de l'anneau!
    Now is anyone back there going to fac us at the next show or...

    *Chris stops her as he removeds his bandaid and shows the staples he got in his head(

    Chris: Alexander! You did this to me and next time we meet I WILL GET MY revengeance!
    There are many men out there and hell some are better than and none of them are wrestling here and to live on the name of my mentor who I had to end the career of her and to live on that name not by choice, But as a mission.
    It's like I'm always getting blood on my hands
    All it takes is one and I'm gone and a thousand 'til the end
    How' will this end?, Any one back who is ready come out right god damm now!​
  2. Chris: Well, How bout if this match becomes a 2,000$ bout!, I'm waiting. ​
  3. @Forrest OAKADA - Make your return against an (almost) Young Lion Cup winner?

  4. As the music plays, out walks a calm and cool Leo Taylor, rocking some 'sweet' shades and bobbing his head up and down towards the music, dressed in a regular Leo Taylor branded shirt, carrying a bottle with him as he walks down to the ring, continuing to bob his head up and down to the beat of the calm music. He enters the ring and looks towards the crowd before putting his hand up and waving before putting it back down and grabbing a microphone.

    Leo Taylor, winking towards the camera as he speaks:
    Hey Honey, I'm home...

    It looks as if Young is about to question Leo but Leo puts his fingers on his lips, ssshing him by force before raising his bottle up, which reads "Chill Pills".

    Leo Taylor: Hey, Bro, it looks like you need to cool off, if you know what I'm saying...I got some Chill Pills in here if you want to calm down at anytime. Anyway, let's get to why I'm here...I want to claim you're cash reward...You know, for facing you or her...which ever one it is bro. I mean, it'll be a hell of a way to come back, right, win a match AND get paid for winning...but still dude, I don't need to be in those wacky match types you've been in to see how...'Crazy' you've gone...a that what you're comparing yourself too...I think you need these more then me if you see it that way, my amigo...

    Leo Taylor stretches his hand, passing along the container of 'Chill Pills' over to Chris Young...
  5. *Chris looks back at Lilith with an "Is He for real Look" on his face and he pushes away Leo's hand.*

    Chris: Well, Leo Taylor, to be honest, I was thinking someone was coming, But you I'm shocked.
    Take a chill pill?, Really I'm above your drugs and trash like that.
    You want a shot at me?, Well I'm known for my "Ego" but let us ask you this I raise it to 5,000$ if you can beat the King and Queen of the ring, Me and my wonderful Lilith in a handicap match....Or you can find some jackass to team up with you.
    I'm the Neo-Japan King and can you face the fire or get burned.
    Leo, It's now or never.

    Lilith: What is it going to be Leo boy?

    *The two stand arm to arm waiting for Leo to respond.*
  6. Leo opens his bottle and begins to pour 'Chill Pills' into his mouth, which are shown to be regular tictacs.

    Leo: C H I L L P I L L. Seriously, their really 'minty'. Anyway, you want a match...a Handicap match? Fine...I got nothing against it but hey, if that's what you want. Oh, and I'm 100% the king of Japan is still in Japan, not some...American.

    2 vs 1, You have it...Because trust me, you're gonna want to take a chill pill when we're done.
  7. *As The two leave the ring, Chris and Lilith laugh with the thought of an easy win.*
    Chris: Good luck Leo boy, You'll need it.
    *The two leave backstage*