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  1. *Buster Gates’ music hits. Out comes Buster Gates, suited up as usual carrying the two Undisputed Championships on his shoulders. Reginald follows close behind as the pair walk down towards the ring. As the two reach the ring, Reginald quickly runs up the steps and sits on the middle rope to allow Buster easier access of getting into the ring. Buster stands in the middle of the ring, uncaring of his surroundings and the boos that are reigning down. Reginald fetches a microphone from ringside.*
    Reginald: Ladies and Gentlemen, this week our hero Buster Gates will defend his Undisputed Championship in a three way ladder match against Chris Young and Alice Xander. Mr Gates has been biding his time, collecting his thoughts until he felt like it was time for him to speak to you people again. Buster is known for being uncaring of everyone, so for that reason I cannot guarantee the safety of your children’s innocence. Therefore, in advance that if there are any children in attendance or watching along at home, you may want to cover their ears.
    *Reginald passes the microphone to Buster Gates. It has been almost a month since anyone last heard him speak. Buster removes his sunglasses and hands the two championship belts to Reginald. He stands for a few seconds calm and collected as people await to hear what he has to say...*
    Buster Gates: ............ LISTEN UP MOTHER FUCKERS! I. AM. BACK!
    *Buster throws his arms in the air with a huge grin on his face. An almost overwhelming amount of boos fill the arena.*
    Buster Gates: That’s right! Get it all out of your system! Do you know how hard it is to stay quiet these past few weeks when all I’ve wanted to do is gloat and brag at the fact that not only did I do what I said I would do which is leave this place as champion, but now I’ve been dragged back and I own half the company! Oh god... You can’t write this stuff! I slated this place for weeks, I tried to drag it down so that when I left it would crumble and die. Yet now I own half the company, by default myself and Ryan Blake get to do what we want, when we want! I could try and kill this company and I actually could have if I didn’t agree to come back and take control, but instead I have a vision! I now see promise with myself in control. Especially since I am the owner of these...
    *Buster points at the two Undisputed Championships.*
    Buster Gates: Some call it favouritism, some call it being biased. I call it a legit business decision. I won the belt fair and square! I walked out and came back with a better contract, control of the company and it feels good. Even if I lose this weekend, what’s to stop me from just giving myself a rematch the very next night? Or just saying that the match is void? Nothing! And that’s the genius of it!
    *Buster pauses to grab one of the championship belts back from Reginald.*
    Buster Gates: I am a king amongst you inbred peasants and expect me to hold onto this for a long time. With me in charge, results don’t matter. I will always win!
    *Buster drops the microphone, grabs the other belt from Reginald and holds both up in the air as the boos continue to drown out any other noise. Buster’s music hits and the camera fades to black with Buster standing in the ring, grin on his face with Reginald by his side.*

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