Storyline Times up joey!!!

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  1. *the camera cuts to the crowd as the credits begin to roll when suddenly the camera points towards gav the chav who is coming through the crowd holding his money in the bank contract*

    ( Gav the chav) hold on there you cheeky little ****s this ain't over till gav says so you see this right here this here means I can have a match when the fuck I want and I want a match right now!!!

    *the crowd cheers as gav continues to speak*

    I've been warning you for weeks now and now joey your time is up and your IWT title reign is about to come to an end so get your little arse back out here and bring a referee with you because I'm cashing in my money in the bank!

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  2. ooc marking marky marking
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  3. id assume a cash in.
  4. You can't cash in on the Diva's title, bro. And if you're asking for me to set up the match I can't. I have no power in the IWT technically speaking.
  5. lets keep this simple and sweet.

    Jono already did work.
  6. What are we keeping simple and sweet? Stop is mine...and seabs'.
  7. Seab disagrees. I was just quoting Bellion.
  8. I don't have to give you words cause I know its god.
  9. im god?
  10. What god? I was just quoting Bellion.
  11. ahh you sly devil.